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Happy New Year, everyone! I´ve had a long holiday from writing on the blog, but now I´m back and ready for the new year! (To stay up to date, I recommend you check out my Instagram where I post almost daily.)

With the new year there are some updates in the living room, and here is a little peek. I have for a long time wanted a new and bigger coffee table, so for Christmas we bought this black Domo Design table that is available in the Stylizimo Shop in different sizes. It is a simple and classic table that I know I will enjoy for a very long time.

You will see more about this upgrade and more updates are coming soon!


photo © Nina Holst

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday. I´m logging off for a few days to spend time and celebrate Christmas with my husband and his family on our cabin up in the mountains.

Lots of love,


photo © Nina Holst

Christmas wrapping & tree

I´m now finally finished with this years Christmas presents, and they are all wrapped up – a great great feeling! As everything else this year, I´ve used green as a base – a lovely color for Christmas I think.

To add a personal touch to the presents I made wax seal stamps on the gift tags. And to keep the clean look, I write the too and from on the back…

DIY Gift tags
photos © Nina Holst


Decorate with flowers and candles

A nice alternative way to decorate for Christmas is to gather lots of different candles and vases with flowers like I have done here. As you can see, I´ve kept everything in white, glass and green, but used a lot of different vases, candle holders and flowers to make an interesting to my large “Christmas-still life”.

Decorate the candle

I cute little thing you can do to decorate your block candles, is to put some eucalyptus leaves on a thin wire and tie it around the candle. A decorated candle can be a nice gift as well…  : )

photos © Nina Holst

An easy and affordable way to decorate your doorstep in the wintertime or for Christmas, is to make ice lanterns. They are nice with just using water, but if you add some greenery, flowers or/and pine cones they will get even more beautiful and impressive for your guests.


• A bucket or a big bowl. I used baking bowls making these.
• Smaller bowls to make a hole for the candle.
• Something heavy to keep the smaller bowl in place. I used rocks.
• Flowers/greenery that you want to use.
• Water

After you have filled the bucket/bowl with water and the flowers/greenery that you like to use, put the smaller ball in and fill it with rocks ( or something heavy ) . You can use tape to keep it strait in the middle if you need to. Then you put it in the freezer or outside (it needs to be cold) over night. Add a little bit of hot water on the bowls to get it loose when it´s all frozen. Then you have made yourself a ice lantern.

PS! Use candles with plastic if you have – they will produce less heat than the one with aluminium.

Ice lantern with eucalyptus, juniper and a Christmas rose in the making…

DIY Ice lanternsDIY Ice lanternsDIY Ice lanterns
photos © Nina Holst