Getting the terrace ready for summer

This upcoming weekend we have plans on making our terrace ready for summer. With that I mean cleaning the floor and moving out the rest of the outdoor furniture. Since Easter we have had the lounge chairs on the terrace, so we have a place to sit when the sun is out. But the floor is very dirty after a long winter with lots of snow, so now it´s time to make it nice and clean. Can´t wait to walk barefoot on the terrace again!

Have you cleaned your outdoor area yet?

Getting the terrace ready for summer
photos © Nina Holst

Planting spring flowers outside

While I´m waiting for my spring flower bulbs to bloom (they have started to sprout…yay!), I´ve bought some spring flowers for our entrance and terrace to get an earlier start for bees and me. It feels good to remove the dead flowers from late Autumn and replace them with new fresh ones so it looks nice around the house again.

Have you planted any flowers outside yet?

Planting spring flowers outside
photos © Nina Holst


My birthday wishes

Yay! It´s my birthday today ( turning 39… ) so I have put together a list of some things that are on my wishlist right now. What´s on your wishlist at the moment?

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As you all probably know by now; I´m a big fan of Louis Poulsen´s beautiful lamps! I have bought quite a collection of their lamps over the years, and one of the first Louis Poulsen lamps that I bought was the iconic Panthella floor lamp back in 2013. So you can just imagine how excited I am now that they have made a Panthella MINI Chrome edition of Verner Panton’s head-turning sculptural lamp – a true mirror image of an icon first designed in 1971.

What I love about the MINI version of the Panthella table lamp is that it fits surfaces where space is limited,  like in for example windowsills, nightstands or in/on a shelf like I have here. With its elegant metallic finish, it will also stand out like a diamond in the room.

Another cool feature the Panthella MINI has is the built-in-LED technology and the stepless dimming offers easy adjustability from 15 to 100%. The light also features a timer that can be set to turn the lamp off after 4 or 8 hours – how cool is that?

For me, it was love at first sight when I saw the Panthella MINI Chrome. What do you think of this new lamp?

photos © Nina Holst

I´m happy to say that I´m leaving this view for a few days to celebrate my birthday (turning 39 on 13th of April ) in Barcelona! It´s going to be great spending time with my husband in this beautiful city, and hopefully we will get lovely weather so we get that spring feeling that we have been longing for quite some time now..

Stay tuned for new updates here on my blog as I´m introducing a new lamp-crush tomorrow and some birthday wishes on Friday.

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photo© Nina Holst