If you are looking for a nice shelf on budget, I can recommend this one from Ikea (not sponsored) that I have in my studio. It´s available in both black and white and are perfect in the living room for books etc., but I can imagine that it will look great in a kitchen as well. Even as display for you pretty shoes and handbags in the bedroom or hallway. Budget and decorating tip of the day!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

photos © Nina Holst


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Advent is just two weeks away, and it´s time to plan and buy the things that is needed ( and wanted .. haha ).

I have made a collage with products that are availiable in Stylizimo Shop that hopefully can be of inspiration for advent. Nr. 3 is an advent calendar btw. with the most amazing chocolate – every adult should have one of these! And nr. 8 is a book with Christmas recipes & stories. I want!

You can find more products for Christmas in Stylizimo Shop here. All selected favorites : )



One IKEA sofa - two looks!


It´s fun how easily you can change the look and style in a room just by changing the covers of your sofa! Bemz creates custom sewn design covers in hundreds of high-end fabrics so you can update your IKEA sofa, armchairs, chairs and more by changing the cover. This way you can make your furniture reflect your personal style better, but also find the perfect color for your home. A good idea if you want a little makeover in your living room for example. All Bemz products are btw machine washable and the covers are sewn in Europe. Big thumbs up for that!

As you might remember, I had a white Söderhamn sofa in our living room, but now I have ordered two different covers from Bemz for our sofa. The first one is a regular fit in the fabric: Linara Peach Skin – Spice. This is a luxe 100% linen and cotton blend with an ultra soft, brushed peach-skin finish. And the warm brown color is a perfect fit for our living room I think! The room suddenly became a lot more cosy and inviting. Do you like it too?

Linara Peach Skin - Spice.

The other cover is quite different in style because of it is loose fit. I´ve chosen the high quality 100% linen “Brera Lino” from Designers Guild in the color Natural because I´m thinking this cover will be perfect for spring and summer.

As you can see the two different covers change the look quite a lot! Do you have a favorite?


By using the discount code stylizimo20 you get a 20% discount on your whole purchase. The code is valid until 19.11.18.
Start shopping or get free fabric samles on Bemz.

Bemz Brera Lino Natural from Designers GuildBemz Brera Lino Natural from Designers GuildBemz Brera Lino Natural from Designers Guild
photos © Nina Holst


New Limited Edition PH 3/2 Table lamp_Louis Poulsen

The Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 table lamp designed by Poul Henningsen has always been special to me. But now with the limited edition of the PH 3/2 table lamp, it got beyond special. For this photoshoot, I got to borrow one of these lamps, and now that I have seen it in real life I know that this will be my very own Christmas gift.

The lamp can be described in one word –  classic. With its Italian mouth-blown amber colored glass and brushed brass frame, I just know that this is a lamp I will grow old with. And as time will pass, the brass frame will acquire a beautiful, unique patina.

But design aside, the lamp creates a magnificent light. When I have turned it on in the evening, the lamp gives the room a calming atmosphere with its softly diffused lightning.

Lastly, a nice little detail I have to add is the through-switch located on the stem of the base (see photo below). No cheap plastic to be found here *smile*.

So if this lamp appeals to you as well, you should be aware that it is a limited edition and will only be available from the 1st of October to 31rd of December 2018. You can shop it here.

Will it be on your Christmas wishlist?

New Limited Edition PH 3/2 Table lamp

Henningsen’s initials are beautifully engraved beneath the switch.

New Limited Edition PH 3/2 Table lamp

The lamp looks just as good when it is switched off as you can see below.

New Limited Edition PH 3/2 Table lamp

View the video to see more of how this beautiful lamp is made.

photos © Nina Holst

Autumn hues


Here is a little sneak peek of what I´ve been working on in my studio today… One out of many stylings I´ve been doing this week, actually! Some of them at home and some here in my studio.
I´m looking forward sharing some of them with you later here on my blog!

Notice the beautiful coffee pot and glass table in my studio. Both second-hand finds I got for a very good price! If you missed my other second-hand finds this Autumn, you can check them out here.


photo © Nina Holst