Green Christmas table setting


Have you planned your table settings for Christmas yet? Or maybe you are in need for some inspiration? Let me share a table setting where I have used green, white and gold as a theme. If your not up for a red theme, this might be a nice alternative…

As you can see I´ve used both a green tablecloth and linen napkins to add a lot of green to the table. As a cute little detail, I have made a napkin ring out of a green leather strap, a couple of bells in gold, and a little twig of juniper.

In the middle of the table I have small glass vases with Christmas flowers and greenery together with small bowls with hyacinths and moss. I have also made a couple of Christmas candles in the same bowls. An easy, but very decorative decoration.

You can find more of my table settings here.

Green Christmas table setting
Green Christmas table setting
Green Christmas table settingGreen Christmas table setting
photos © Nina Holst

Our home in Bonytt

In the latest issue of the Norwegian magazine Bonytt ( Norway´s most read interior magazine ), you will find a 12 page article about our home. I´ve taken all the photos myself so it was extra fun to see how they turned out in the magazine.

Here are some of the photos from the article… You can see the rest in the magazine.

It´s not a typical Christmas feature but more of “light” New Year´s eve/festive-home kind of feature. All set for a party!

I went for a black and green theme for the table. This will of course work as a Christmas table setting as well..

photos © Nina Holst for Bonytt

Make a Christmas candle holder

If you are in lack of candle holders for your Christmas table, you can easily make some using small bowls like I have done here.


• You need a small bowl.
• Fill it with flower foam/oasis.
• Stick a candle into the oasis.
• Cover the oasis with moss.
• Decorate with cones on top.

Remember: Candles require attention – all the time!

photo © Nina Holst

Kitchen Christmas

I´m proud to say that our kitchen is featured in the latest JKE Design Christmas magazine! You can check out their magazine online here.

Happy Friday, everyone!

DIY Christmas flower arrangement

This year I decided to make my own Christmas flower arrangement with advent lights. One of the reasons that I wanted to make my own, is that I wanted to have pillar candles, because then I can burn the lights a lot longer than the regular ones. I also love to fill the house with Christmas plants, moss and cones, so a flower arrangement like this was just perfect for me.


• You need a big bowl.
• Then fill it with flower foam/oasis.
• Make sure to have some holes for the flowers/plants that you are going to use.
• Then put the plants in the holes.
• Cover the rest with moss.
• It´s now time to place the candles. To keep them steady, I used oasis pin holders and oasis fix tape.
• Put different kinds of cones on top of the moss.

Then you have a wonderful Christmas flower arrangement with advent lights!

Remember: Candles require attention – all the time!

DIY Christmas flower arrangement
photos © Nina Holst