Best Interior Blog

OMG! I´m so excited and grateful! I won the “Best Interior Blog of the Year” award at the Norwegian Vixen Blog Awards 2016 yesterday! It is difficult to truly express how much this award means to me, but one thing is clear –  it all happened thanks to you. So thank you, dear reader! You made my day, and many many days to come <3

The whole event was filmed, and those of you who understand Norwegian can watch the video at the bottom. Below are some screenshots from the award ceremony with me on the stage. Thank you again, all you wonderful people! I look forward to sharing more inspiration with you in 2017.

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Video and screenshots: Nettavisen




A simple decoration idea


On my latest walk in the woods, I picked some blueberry twigs that I brought home and put in different vases. I found them very decorative and we have lots of them in my neighbourhood, so why now bring some of nature inside? Decorating tip of the day!

photos © Nina Holst


Mystical Shadows by Nina Holst

One of my New Year´s resolutions is to use less time on my computer and phone, and more time painting. There is a great interest in my paintings, and since I love to paint I´m happy to dedicate more time on this.

All of my previous paintings are sold out, but if you are looking for some art for your wall, I do have a couple of new ones in my gallery now. Let me introduce “Mystical Shadows”, 1200x1000mm and “Behind the dark” 1200x1000mm. You will find more photos and prices over at by Nina Holst Gallery.

If you are interested in buying or having questions, send me an email to byninaholst(at)stylizimo(dot)com

Behind the dark_ painting by Nina Holst
photo © Nina Holst

Smart nightstand idea

Finding a nice and practical nightstand at an affordable price can be difficult. To be honest, I think the selection are really bad, and I hope we will have a better variety in the future.

Maybe the clue is to think outside the box and use a multifunctional furniture, like this clever idea over at Fantastic Frank where they have used a VIPP kitchen shelf as a nightstand. Since I prefer to have the bedside table hanging on the wall, I find this to be a perfect idea!

If you want to make a similar one on a low budget, you can buy the IKEA version “BOTKYRKA” ( it will then be a bit longer, but with a good saw, you can split it in two. Spray paint it the color you prefer.  )

See also the Low Budget Nightstand I have in my own bedroom, if you need other ideas.


Photo via Fantastic Frank

Tip for scented candles


I love a good bargain, and when I found this pretty glass box at sale the other day (now only 50 NOK at H&M Home!), I knew right away what I wanted to use it for. The scent will last longer if you have a lid on it or keep the candle in a box. Since most of the scented candles are very pretty, I want to see them even if I´m not using them, so a glass box like this is perfect as a container.  Now I can just open the lid and use the candle when it´s still in the box.

Decoration (and bargain) tip of the day!

Tip for scented candles
photos © Nina Holst