"Finding your place" by Nina Holst

Lately I´ve spent time on painting again, and I just can´t describe how nice it is to dissapear into another world where there is only me, my brushes and good music on my ear… Oh, joy!

If you remember my previous paintings, you might notice that they have a new look than before. I have been experimenting with some new techniques, and are quite pleased with the result if I may say so… : ) Let me introduce you to my latest finished work: “Finding your place” 1000x1200mm, and “Together” 1000x1200cm featured in my home.

If you are interested in buying, you can get more info about my paintings on byninaholst.com or send an email to byninaholst(at)stylizimo(dot)com

"Together" by Nina Holst

“Together” to the left and “Finding your place” on the right..

Artwork by Nina Holst
photos © Nina Holst

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15% off on House Doctor products

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Hello everyone. I have great news for you! You now get 15% off on all House Doctor products over at Room21.no! House Doctor has a lot of nice furniture and decor for the home. And to help you to see some of the lovely products that now are for sale, I have selected 10 favorites of mine. Anything you like?

Find links to the products under my collage. You can find the rest of the House Doctor products on sale here.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture, you now get 10% off on a lot of their outdoor furniture as well.


The discount are available until the 1 st of May.

Getting the terrace ready for summer

This upcoming weekend we have plans on making our terrace ready for summer. With that I mean cleaning the floor and moving out the rest of the outdoor furniture. Since Easter we have had the lounge chairs on the terrace, so we have a place to sit when the sun is out. But the floor is very dirty after a long winter with lots of snow, so now it´s time to make it nice and clean. Can´t wait to walk barefoot on the terrace again!

Have you cleaned your outdoor area yet?

Getting the terrace ready for summer
photos © Nina Holst

Planting spring flowers outside

While I´m waiting for my spring flower bulbs to bloom (they have started to sprout…yay!), I´ve bought some spring flowers for our entrance and terrace to get an earlier start for bees and me. It feels good to remove the dead flowers from late Autumn and replace them with new fresh ones so it looks nice around the house again.

Have you planted any flowers outside yet?

Planting spring flowers outside
photos © Nina Holst


My birthday wishes

Yay! It´s my birthday today ( turning 39… ) so I have put together a list of some things that are on my wishlist right now. What´s on your wishlist at the moment?

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