The Christmas feeling came along with the cold weather, and the balcony as well are now all set for Christmas.
As I prefer simple decorations, all I´ve used is a tree with lights, a sheep hide, some hyacinths, a lantern and an ice lantern that I´ve made.

How do you decorate the outdoors for Christmas?

photos © Nina Holst

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Have you started with your Christmas gift wrapping yet? I have wrapped a few, and this is how I´m wrapping my gifts this year..

On some of them I have used a delicate wallpaper as wrapping paper, and I have decorated them with brass cookie cutters using a brown twine. On some of the gifts I have placed small cones under the twine to create a more natural look.

I have also some gifts wrapped in black paper boxes. All decorated with some kind of greens that I´ve found in my garden. Pine cones and cinnamon sticks are also nice on the Christmas gifts I think.

Hopefully you got some ideas for your own wrapping. Any favorites among the ones you see here?

photos © Nina Holst


The first Sunday of Advent is on Sunday and it´s time to make the home ready for Christmas. I always begin with hyacinths as I think they are super cute and I love their scent. This year I have wrapped the flower bulbs in branches from our cypress in the garden – a little tip if you don´t have a vase for them or moss to wrap them in with. ( Thuja or other types of green bransches works as well of course.. )

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

photos © Nina Holst


I have good news to everyone that has an Ikea sofa! Bemz are now also offering furniture legs in many different shapes, heights and colors! This way you can transform your IKEA sofa completely by changing both legs and covers – I love that!

I guess you all are familiar with the Ikea Karlstad sofa? Well, here you see my updated sofa in my studio with a regular fit design cover in the fabric: Tegnér Melange – Sage Brown with two different legs.

In the first photo I have the Kastell 14, Scandi Natural, furniture legs which give a natural look to it. Perfect if you already have a lot of similar wood the room.

Underneath you can see the Kastell 14 in Jet Black and the sofa suddenly look a bit more sophisticated. Both looks are very nice I think!

On our Söderhamn sofa at home I now have the Sergel 18, Jet black furniture legs. They make the sofa a little bit higher, which actually made it a lot more comfortable to sit in. The covers are also from Bemz are regular fit in the fabric: Linara Peach Skin – Spice – so beautiful!

If you missed my “One IKEA sofa – two looks” post, you can see more of my Söderhamn sofa here.

photos © Nina Holst


I´m so excited every time Louis Poulsen launches new products. And with Louis Poulsen´s 60th anniversary of Poul Henningsen icons, they are launching the legendary PH Artichoke pendant in brushed brass – oh, my!

The PH Artichoke actually dates back to 1958 when it was made for Langelinie Pavillonen, a restaurant in Copenhagen, where you will actually still find it hanging. Since then the lamp has become a classic and an icon you will find in both homes and public spaces all over the world.

Since the beginning, the lamp has been manufactured in metallic editions, but this is actually the first time the lamp is widely available in brushed brass. Previously you would only get this finish ordered custom-made.

And what a finish it is. The brushed brass gives the perfect warm atmosphere in the room, and as with all the PH Artichoke lamps, you get a soft, glare-free illumination thanks to the 72 leaves that hide the light source.

The PH Artichoke in brushed brass is already on the market ( launched in September 2018 ) and will be available in all sizes. But be aware that the special edition with the engraved PH signature and a unique number will only be available exclusively through 2018. From 2019, the PH Artichoke will be delivered without the anniversary engraving. So if you didn´t have enough on your Christmas wishlist already. Here is another one *smile.

What do you think of this new finish?

Here you see the fabulous PH Artichoke in brushed brass in my kitchen. Unfortunately only for a loan for this photoshoot.

photos © Nina Holst