10 Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is right around the corner, and if you are in need of some decorating inspiration, I have 10 Easter decoration ideas for you here. For me Easter doesn´t need to be yellow, so therefore I´m sharing some alternative ways to create Easter decorations.


1. Decorate an Easter table in natural hues like I´ve done above. All you need is some twigs, straw to make a nest (you can use twigs here too) and an egg. Use a grey, white or beige tablecloth.

Easter Decoration Ideas

2. Plant cress in eggshells. I do this every year – it´s so fun to see how fast it grows!

10 Easter Decoration Ideas

3. Decorate eggshells with flowers.

Easter table setting

4. If you plant cress in an egg holder, you can put an egg on the top like here. A cute idea for your Easter table setting!

Easter Decoration Idea

5. Why not plant some small flowering bulbs in egg shells like I´ve done here?

DIY Easter bunnies

6. Make cute Easter bunnies for your table setting.


Find a drawing of a bunny on the web or draw one yourself. Print it out or draw it on the paper you´d like to use, or use it as a template. Then use a scissor to cut the bunnies out. It´s as simple as that! : )


Easter egg

7. Glam up your Easter breakfast eggs by gluing on some nice pearls. Fun for the kids!

DIY Easter bunny napkin

8. Fold Easter bunny napkins. You can find the tutorial I´ve used here on YouTube. ( The video is a bit fast, so pause it from time to time to keep up.)

DIY marble easter eggs

9. Make marble Easter eggs and hang them in a twig. It´s very simple! You can read about how I made these here.

Muscari blue
10. Decorate with flowers! My favorite for Easter and spring are Muscari  – in blue or in white.

I hope these 10 tips gave you some ideas for your Easter decorations!


photos © Nina Holst


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In New York with Samsung


I´m now back from my press trip to New York with Samsung, and I am eager to share with you what I have been up to in the Big Apple! As I told you before I left, I was invited to the big reveal of the Samsung 2018 QLED-TV and Samsung had invited press from all of Europe and the US, and we were 2 persons from Norway ( huge honor! ).

The event was over two days and on the first day we started with an exclusive boat trip with lunch on the Hudson river. Thankfully, the weather was amazing so it was so nice spending a few hours enjoying the great views of New York City.

In New York with Samsung

After our boat trip we visited Samsung 837. This is not a store, but a showroom where anyone can explore all of their products – so much fun! One of the things I tested here was the Gear VR as you can see in the above picture.

Next stop was the TriBeCa Loft, which was recently bought by Samsung. This location has previously been used for exclusive high-end events, such as The Grammy´s. It´s a NYC style loft, stylishly decorated and fully outfitted with Samsung products. Underneath you see the Samsung Frame TV – looks like an art piece right?

TriBeCa loft_Samsung

At the loft there was also a panel with celebrities talking about how to “think outside the box”. Here you see ELLE editor in chief Robbie Myers, actor Amir Arison, known from the Blacklist, and singer/songwriter Ryan Leslie.

Amir Arison  Blacklist

Me together with Amir Arison from the Blacklist  : )

The second day it was all about the big launch of the new Samsung 2018 QLED-TV at the American Stock Exchange building. Did you see my live streaming from the event on Instagram stories? Anyway, you should check out all the smart features on this incredible TV. What I like the most about the QLED-TV is the high quality image (the best I´ve ever seen!) and the Ambient Mode and its ability to blend in with the decor or look like an art piece. Another big plus is the all-in-one thin single cable that allows you to put the TV pretty much wherever you like.

You can check out this video to get a better sense of what I´m talking about:

// The event was sponsored by Samsung

Packing for New York


Now that I´m finally over the jet lag that I got after my last trip, I`m packing my suitcase again. This time my trip goes to New York City with Samsung to attend the big release of their new QLED TV – I´m so excited to be invited! We have a full program for the upcoming days and I´m looking forward sharing it all with you my Instagram and Instagram Stories ( I will write a blogpost of the event as well of course ). Luckily we also have some free time to spend in NYC so there will be time for both shopping, coffee shops and sightseeing – oh joy!

photo © Nina Holst

Sunshine and flowers in the living room_Stylizimo


After beeing ten days in sunny California, I´m now longing for spring even more when I´m back home in Norway. We have over a meter with snow outside our house and it´s freezing cold, so the only thing that says spring is on its way is the sunshine and more hours with daylight. I love how the sunshine is finding its way into the living room and makes the room brighter again. Thankfully we are heading towards a lovely season…

Sunshine and flowers
photos © Nina Holst

Modernism week in Palm Springs

I´m now back after a very inspiring and nice trip to California. It was lovely to get away from winter for a few days and taste the sun and warmth for a little while…

One of the main reasons I went on this trip was to attend the Modernism Week in Palm Springs. This event has been on my wishlist for a long time now, and when my friend Melissa asked if I wanted to join her, I had no doubt.

For those of you who don´t know; Modernism Week’s is an annual celebration of midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture. This exciting festival takes place in February in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. Modernism Week features more than 350 events including the Modernism Show & Sale, Signature Home Tours, films, lectures, Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus Tours, nightly parties and live music, walking and bike tours, tours of Sunnylands, fashion, classic cars, modern garden tours, a vintage travel trailer exhibition, and more.

We went to a lot of different events but one of my favorite was the Palm Springs Door Tour. On this tour we could explore the colorful and unique doors of the Indian Canyons neighborhood, but then also see all the lovely houses that had these doors. Here are some of the doors that we saw on our tour.

The most famous and photographed door in Palm Springs  – “That pink door”. If you haven´t seen this door, you haven´t been to Palm Springs they say… : )

Posing in front of the doors is mandatory… haha.

photos © Nina Holst and Melissa Hegge