Our storage room downstairs has been a mess ever since we moved in 4 years ago. The room was a typical unrenovated basement room, with a concrete floor and unpainted walls and only a few ugly shelves that made it impossible to make it organized and nice in there.

But finally this has now changed! After renovating the surfaces and getting the Elfa shelving and drawer system this summer, we now have the most organized and practical room I have ever had! With the good help from Elfa the system got designed to fit perfectly our needs and stuff we have. Suddenly we have a place for everything – and we are able to find it when we need it. On top of that I must say that it looks good!

The room itself is quite big, so in order to keep things organized and to be able to separate clothing from other kinds of things, we divided the room by putting up sliding doors in front of the storage systems. We now have one room for basic storage stuff and one as a little walk-in closet for shoes, jackets and clothes that is not for the current season. In the middle we have an empty room that we haven´t quite decided on what we are going to use it for . It´s unbelievable that we suddenly have all this empty space left after storing all the stuff that used to fill the whole room…! This proves how much a good storage system can give you of extra space, I guess : )

How cool are these Elfa sliding doors? I love them!

As an aesthetist, I wanted to create a tidy look behind the sliding doors, so I bought a lot of white boxes in different sizes to make a clean and calm palette. Each box has different content, so I can easily find what I´m looking for. In the drawers I have for example small boxes for batteries, light bulbs, tools, decorations etc. Transparent boxes is probably more practical if you want to see what´s inside, but they will make it look more messy. Therefore I went with the white cardboard ones, and this way I can hide all the “not so pretty stuff”  in pretty boxes.


On the other side of the room we now have a little walk-in closet. Finally, I have a place for all my shoes so I can see them. Oh joy! It´s also room for extra jackets that we don´t have room for in our hallway or that are for another season. In all the drawers we have lots of space for winter and sport clothes too. So much more practical than storing it in the plastic boxes that we used to..

Our walk-in closet without the doors so you can see the Elfa system.

We have the same sliding doors in front of the walk-in closet, so we can close it if we want.

Lastly, I have to say that one other thing I like about Elfa is that with their good design you can use their smart system as a part of the interior in many type of rooms, not only for the typical storage room.  I recommend you check out all of their different ways of good storage solutions on their website – so inspiring!

I hope you got some tips and got inspired by our new storage solutions!

photos © Nina Holst

My weekend flowers!


Weekend is here, and so are the fresh flowers in our living room. This time I went for white gladiolus flowers – they are so elegant and beautiful I think! I always buy these when Autumn is sneaking upon us. A tradition I´ve had for many years now… : )

Happy weekend, everyone. Let´s make it a great one!


photo © Nina Holst


Kupp på nøkkelferdig hus med fargevalg gjort av Stylizimo

Gode nyheter til alle som drømmer om et nytt hus: Nå kan du gjøre et skikkelig huskupp hos Hedalm Anebyhus! De kjører nemlig en kampanje på tre nye husmodeller – alle norskproduserte hus i god kvalitet.

Hustypene det er kampanje på er:

Gemis – et familievennlig 2-planshus med stor vinkelstue og romslige soverom. Pris: 2.500.000,-
Apollis – et moderne og spennende 2-planshus med carport og stor balkong. Pris: 2.250.000,-
Løvis – et funksjonelt og praktisk 1-planshus med stor stue og åpen kjøkkenløsning. Pris: 2.000.000,-

Alle priser er fast pris for nøkkelferdig hus inkl. støpt plate. Prisen er den samme uansett hvor i Norge det skal leveres. Den meget gunstige kampanjeprisen forutsetter at kontrakt signeres innen 31. oktober 2018.


En forutsetning for disse faste prisene, er at husene leveres uten noen muligheter for tilvalg eller justeringer. Selv fargevalget vil være satt. Både eksteriørfarge på huset, og interiørfarger på alle rom. Og det er her jeg kommer inn i bildet.

Jeg har nemlig fått lov til å velge alle interiørfargene til de tre hustypene, en morsom oppgave jeg har brukt deler av sommeren på å planlegge. Det er mye å tenke på når man skal velge interiør farger til et hus når man ikke vet hvem som skal bo der, hva slags stil de har og hvilke farger de liker.
Fargene man da velger bør da passe til mange forskjellige type mennesker og stiler, være tidløse med likevel passe til dagens trendbilde. Jeg har også fargesatt rommene etter romløsning og sett på hvor mye lysinnslipp det er i de forskjellige rommene. Et annet viktig hensyn jeg har tatt er fargen som kommer til å være i tak/vinduer og lister innvendig, da dette allerede var satt i fra leverandøren. Tak/vinduer/lister kommer i standard fargen S0502-Y Bomull som har et hint av gult i seg, noe som gjør det viktig å finne farger som harmonerer til denne hvitfargen så det hvite ikke oppleves som gult og skittent.

Jeg har også hentet en prøve på parketten som skal legges i husene slik at jeg kunne sjekke fargevalgene mot gulvet. Det har så mye å si for helheten at fargene harmonerer, og ikke minst står til husstil, husfarge og romløsning.

Under kan du se fargevalgene jeg har gjort til de forskjellige hustypene. Den første fargen i alle fargeoppsettene jeg har laget viser S0502-Y Bomull som da vil være i tak, vinduer og listverk innvendig.


Gemis kommer i utvendig farge 8501-G90Y Brunsvart – valgt av leverandøren.

Tak/Vinduer: S0502-Y Bomull (nr.1)
Kjøkkenvegger/Stue/Loftstue/Gang/: S1502-Y Lys Antikkgrå (nr.2)
Soverom 2 og 3: 1704-Y19R Space (nr. 3)
Soverom 1: S4010-G70Y Green Harmony (nr. 4)


Løvis kommer i utvendig farge S8500-N Dempet Sort – valgt av leverandøren.

Tak/Vinduer: S0502-Y Bomull (nr.1)
Kjøkkenvegger/Stue/Entre/Gang: S1502-Y Lys Antikkgrå (nr. 2)
Soverom 2 og 3: S2502-Y Antikkgrå (nr. 3)
Soverom 1: S2005-Y30R Sand (nr. 4)

Loevis farger_Hedalm Anebyhus


Apollis kommer i utvendig farge S1002-Y Tidløs – valgt av leverandøren.

Tak/Vinduer: S0502-Y Bomull ( nr. 1)
Kjøkkenvegger/Soverom 2+3 : S1002-Y Tidløs (nr. 2)
Stue/Entre/Trapp: S2502-Y Antikkgrå (nr. 3)
Soverom 1: 3009-Y14R Raw Canvas (nr. 4)

Håper du liker fargevalgene mine!

Du kan finne mer info om husmodellene, se prosjekttegninger og rominndelinger på hjemmesiden til Hedalm Anebyhus.



New color in the bedroom


As I told you a while back, we have had some different projects going on in our home this summer, and one of them is in the bedroom. I´ve been thinking about painting the bedroom for quite some time now, and now it´s finally done and I´m super happy with the new color we chose!

The previous color LADY 9925 Bergknatt ( a beautiful and elegant choice if you prefer it dark, but not black ) is now replaced with a much lighter and warmer color called LADY 1140 Sand. It might have something to do with moving the bed as well, but the bedroom suddenly became so much bigger after the makeover! ( I´ll show you pictures of the whole room when everything is done, so you can see the difference.)

Anyway, here is a litte peek of the bedroom with the new color. It´s nice, huh? I´m actually dreaming of getting a wooden floor here as well. Now we have a concrete floor that is painted white and it feels a bit cold even though we have heating in the floor.


PS! Because of the cold light when I took these photos, it looks a bit colder than it actually is..

photos © Nina Holst

// The painting is sponsored by Jotun LADY. The choice of colors was my own.

Table setting - birthday dinner!

This weekend my sweet mom turned 65 years old, so we celebrated her by having a birthday dinner at our place. I took a few photos from the table setting I did and thought I could share it here with you, in case you need some tips for your next dinner party..

Table setting - birthday dinner!

As it is August I wanted to make it summery, but also with a hint of autumn. As a base I used a grey-beige tablecloth together with white tableware and white linen napkins. Most of the flowers are actually from the garden and are a mix of white, green and burgundy. I put them in small glass vases that I spread around the table. To create a contrast and to avoid making it too formal, I used my black cutlery. I really like how well they go with the dark burgundy flowers (Chocolate cosmos) but also how it makes the table a bit rough. What do you think?

Table setting - birthday dinner!Table setting - birthday dinner!
photos © Nina Holst