Table setting Christmas Eve


I have been working my way through a long to-do list today and are now almost done with everything inducing the table setting. I´d like to have a stress-free day tomorrow and just enjoy everything, so the more I have ready, the better. I need to have time for the traditional cartoons etc. in the morning you know – they put me in right Holiday spirit!

The table setting this year is in grey, white and green and is quite simple. I´ve decorated the linen napkins with the same greenery as I have in the small vases that´s in the middle of the table. Then I have some painted spruce cones spread around the table to make it more Christmassy. The tableware and silverware are family heirlooms and are extra nice to use on a day like this.

And with these pictures I want to wish you all a magical Holiday! I will take some days off from blogging, but you can follow me on Instagram for updates in the meantime.


Table setting Christmas EveTable setting Christmas EveTable setting Christmas Eve
photos © Nina Holst

Our Christmas tree

This year we went for a huge Christmas tree, and I really love it! It´ actually 3,5 m high, so it´ almost up to the ceiling. As we don´t have that much Christmas decorations around the house, I like to focus on the tree and having a lot of Christmas flowers instead. It´s all the good smells and the music that set the right Christmas mood I think…

Our Christmas tree
photos © Nina Holst


DIY Christmas wreath
photo © Nina Holst


If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you saw that I made a Christmas wreath the other day. Well, here is the result of this years Christmas wreath – a simple green wreath with a couple of pine cones hanging in a grey velvet ribbon.

Christmas tip of the day!

Semifinalist Vixen Blog Awards 2016


Right before the weekend I got some great news! Stylizimo is a semifinalist in the Interior blog of the Year category at the Vixen Blog Awards! As I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, I´m very grateful for the nominations I´ve got – thank you so much!

If you enjoy my blog and think that I deserve to be in the final, it´s possible to vote every day until the 31st of December! I appreciate every vote I get <3


Christmas in the office

Christmas in the office.

Semifinalist Vixen Blog Awards 2016
photos © Nina Holst

An easy Christmas table setting

After a romantic getaway to Oslo from Friday to Sunday, we ended our weekend by having my family over for Christmas porridge. This is a tradition we started when we moved into our house 2 years ago, as I think it´s a nice way to find the Christmas spirit before Christmas eve.

Since we came back from Oslo on Sunday, I sat the table before the weekend so everything was ready. This year I used spruce branches from our Christmas tree to make a centrepiece on the table and to decorate the napkins. Then I added some glasses with hyacinths, larch twigs and candle lights to set the right mood.

So if you are looking for inspiration for this year´s Christmas table setting, this is a very easy and affordable way to set the table this Christmas. If you want some more color to the table, you can just replace the napkins and candle lights with something more colorful…

Christmas table setting green and grey Christmas decorations  An easy Christmas table setting an-easy-christmas-table-setting

An easy Christmas table setting An easy Christmas table setting
photos © Nina Holst