I love a good bargain, so I usually check out if there is any second-hand to buy at a good price before I purchase what I´m looking for.

My latest bargain is this outdoor sofa that I found on last week. I got a 4-seat sofa with footstool inkl. cushions and a table for 1400 NOK – which is over 70% off full price! But as you can see on the before photos, the furniture needed a little makeover. So I put all the cushions covers in the washing machine ( on 60 degrees and with some stain remover ) and painted all the furniture using leftover paint from the house ( Jotun Optimal 9938 Dempet Sort ) after a good wash. Frida over at Trendenser painted these same Ikea modules a few years back, so I knew they would look good in black.

The cushions became all white again ( they actually look awful and had lots of yellow stains, so I thought for a while that I had to buy new ones.. ), and the furniture looked amazing after a couple of coats with black paint.



I chose to use the footstool as a table as well, as I wanted a bigger table.

I´m very happy with the result and of course the good bargain. Something to remember when looking for something new.

photos © Nina Holst



I´m back from a nice and long holiday, and are looking forward sharing some new projects with you. Here is a little sneak peek of one of them; a before and after project that I´ll show you more of soon – so stay tuned.

Happy weekend, everyone!

photo © Nina Holst

Out on our terrace

I´ve spent a lot of time on our terrace lately and I realized that´s been a while since I´ve updated you with photos from our outdoor area ( I´ve posted a few photos on Instagram, but not here ).

As you can see, our custom planter boxes are now full of flowers and I love how they have turned out. I guess I have to move some of the flowers out later as they will get to big ( at least the hosta ).

Our DIY outdoor sofa is still working find and are very much in use.

Conrad, our dog, is enjoying our terrace as much as we do… : )

I have one planter box with white and “blue” plants and one with green, white and burgundy.

photos © Nina Holst




Are you going to a midsummer party this weekend and need a floral head wreath? It´s actually quite easy to make one. I made this flower wreath last weekend when I was going to a summerparty-birthday, and since I´ve had in in the refrigerator with some water on it since then it´s actually still looking fresh, so I can use it this weekend as well ; )

In this year´s wreath I used Gypsophila paniculata / “Brudeslør”, Ivy, olive branches and some pink and bordeaux flowers that I can´t remember the name of.. ( maybe you know the names? )

I followed this video for instructions.

If you are looking for an even easier way to make one, you can check out last year´s floral head wreath here.


photos © Nina Holst



Dear reader, let me introduce you to ygg&lyng! A Norwegian furniture company that you might not have heard of yet but that definitely deserves a place in the spotlight. With its traditional Norwegian craftsmanship and Scandinavian modernism, ygg&lyng has a collection of furniture I am sure you will love. I certainly do and actually ended up buying the Viken dining table myself after the photo shoot I did for them. It has lightened up my kitchen and has become a welcoming place for any meal and even getting some work done ( I will show you later in another post ).

To give you an idea of what ygg&lyng has to offer, I have picked out some of my favorites from their collection and featured them in my home for you to see them in a familiar setting. I have also included the new stunning black Bris outdoor sofa, featured further down in this post. Like many of their products, the sofa is module based and can be tailored to your preferences both in size and color. I love it!

Here you have the Viken dining table together with the Non ChairMingle sofa and Fender lamp. A pretty nice combination, don´t you think?


Another product that I´ve included in my styling is the Fender lamp. It is such a beauty and I love that it can be used as both a ceiling lamp and a table lamp. And if you feel the same about this lamp as I do, I am sure you will be happy to know that you can win this lamp that has a value of 3950 NOK! To participate all you have to do is follow ygg&lyng on Instagram, tag three of your friends and tell me if you´d like to win the white oiled oak or the black oak one. All this on my Instagram post about this competition. A lucky winner will be picked in a week.

So with that wonderful news, let me show you some more of my favorites from the ygg&lyng collection.

The Fender lamp, here in black oak.

The module based Dis coffee tables come in three different sizes, which gives you plenty of options to decorate. You can also choose between black and white legs and several table tops.

Enjoy summer in the Bris outdoor sofa! Each seat is a module and the armrest can be removed, so you can create your own sofa in any way you like. As you can see in these pictures it can also be used as a table. If you are looking for a lighter version, it´s available in white/light grey as well.

Find the whole ygg&lyng collection here.

photos © Nina Holst