Beige and grey in the living room


This time of year I´m always longing for some changes in the house. Therefore I have rearranged a bit in the living room. Nothing big, just using the things that I already have to create a new look.
As you probably already know, I´m very into beige together with grey these days. So I´ve find some of the beige pillows and blankets that I had in storage to add more beige to the room. I´ve also replaced the big grey carpet that I used to have in the living room with this greige one that I had in a room downstairs ( it´s warmer in its color that it looks in these pictures ). I love the natural and nordic feel to this carpet and it matches well with the rest I think.

I have a few more plans for the living room this fall, so I will keep you updated as they come along of course.


I´m getting a lot of questions about our coffee table and side table in the living room. They are both for sale at – my shop with handpicked favorites of mine! Find the coffee table here and the side table here. There you will also find the PH 3/2 table lamp and the By Lassen candle holder that you see in this picture.

Beige and grey in the living room
photos © Nina Holst

How to keep the olive tree alive?

The olive tree has now moved back into the house for the winter, and I hope it will like it here in this corner of our living room. It has already started to loose a lot of leaves, but I guess that is normal this time of year? Any tips to make it thrive indoors?

How to keep the olive tree alive?
photos © Nina Holst



When I first saw the new cookware series Norden from Fiskars, it was love at first sight! The stunning new series consisting of pots and pans in cast iron and stainless steel knives with beautiful details in birch, will with no doubt look good in any kitchen.

But these products are more than just beautiful; The pots and pans in cast-iron with wooden elements were developed to achieve outstanding results at both high temperature frying and slow cooking of meals. They are also finished with an innovative Thermium™ mineral treatment, which makes them durable and easy to care for. I love that!

The Norden knives has been constructed from premium materials according to traditional Finnish knife-making metods. The knives are as you can see finished with beautiful details made of heat-treated Finnish birch wood, which is repeated in the cast-iron cookware for a harmonious look. The knives blades are made of premium quality highcarbon stainless steel for excellent sharpness and durability.

Here you see one of the Norden pots and two of the knives in my kitchen. Beautiful and in high quality  – a great combo, if you ask me!

You can check out the whole new series on Fiskars website.

photos © Nina Holst

Relaxing days up in the mountains

We have spent the last two weekends at the cabin, and it has been amazing to spend some relaxing days up in the mountains. After a busy start of the Autumn with a lot of styling and photoshoots for different companies it´s lovely to drive up here and just disconnect from the world a few days. Just enjoying the silence and beautiful nature.


photo © Nina Holst



12 autumn favorites

I´m happy to say that you now can find a lot of new beautiful products in Stylizimo Shop – all handpicked by me as favorites for the home (and some even for the body..haha). Here are some autumn favorites + items on my wishlist. I hope you like them : )



1. Let´s start with the lovely Wicker lamp by HK Living. This lamp will definitely set the right autumn mood!
2. Candleholders are a must during autumn/winter. The Balance candle holder by Ferm Living is on my wishlist.
3. The ultimate cosy chair! How cool is this Little Petra chair from &Tradition? Designed in 1938 by Viggo Boesen.
4. Tekla has the most amazing bedding and I would love to try their new linen bedsheets in sand grey.
5. This scented candle pretty much speaks for itself. Hygge by Skandinavisk is an easy way to create “hygge”
6. With autumn comes dryer skin, but I bet this Grown Alchemist Soothing Body Gel-Lotion does wonders for the skin.
7. I love the Shadow Play tealight holder for the wall! Designed by the Norwegian Falke Svatun for Menu.
8. How cool isn´t this Faberge print? Simple, yet very decorative on the wall.
9. I love jewelry by Pernille Corydon and would love to have this beautiful necklace around my neck this fall.
10. The John Derian Picture book is a New York Times bestseller. A perfect book to enjoy in front of the fireplace.
11. I´m dreaming of a trip to New York this autumn and the Cereal guides share the best tips!
12. My best styling tip for autumn is sheepskins in chairs and/or in the couch. Available in different colors here.

Happy weekend, everyone!