Second-hand treasures

I love second-hand stores and the search for cheap beautiful treasures for my home! And I´m lucky to have a great second-hand shop in my neighbourhood where I always find something nice, the prices there are also ridiculously low. What I ´m searching for these days are ceramics and pottery, and I´ve found a lot of beauties lately. Let me share a few of them with you and show you how nice it looks when you mix old treasures with new. I think it´s an great and afforable way to create a cool style + add more personality to the home. You also get unique items which is a good thing these days where everyone has the same products… : )

Photo 1:
– One of my favorite; The tea pot from the Norwegian A/S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co. (made between 1963-69). What I paid: 25 NOK! ( I also bought a matching cream mug that´s not in the pictures 10 NOK)
– The white little vase (as I have used as a tea light holder) was only 10 NOK
– The tall “bottle” on the table was also only 15 NOK! Perfect as a vase or just a sculpure.

Second-hand treasures

Photo 2/3: Another find are two of these brown cream jugs(?) as I here use as a vase and a sculpure (below). I love its shape and colors! I actually met an old lady in the second-hand store when I bought these, that told me that they are very old. Maybe you have more information about this mug? I would love to know! Price: 15 NOK pr. mug.

Great finds, right?

Do you like second-hand stores? What do you usually look for?

Second-hand treasures
photos © Nina Holst


JW Table by Montana


Let me introduce you to the new JW Table by Montana – a beautiful, timeless and minimalistic table that is available in both round and square and in many sizes and finishes.

As you can see I´ve had the pleasure of taking some pictures of the round JW Table in black oak here in my home. Seeing the table in real life made me like it even more – what a beauty! The table top has the most beautiful finish and I love its light, delicate quality with the frame tucked under the tabletop. And with the slim triangular legs angled slightly outwards to allow good leg space. Despite the delicate, sharp look of the frame, the structure has a very a solid stability.

You can find more info about this elegant dining table designed by Jakob Wagner, and see all the finishes it´s available in over at Montana´s webside.

JW Table by Montana

The JW table in black oak and black frame in our home – I´m in love!

JW Table by Montana
photos © Nina Holst

Budget tip of the day

I´m soon all set for the weekend, and in the vase this Friday is a twig from one of the trees in our garden. Decorative, hopefully long lasting and free of charge : ) Budget tip of the day!

Happy weekend, everyone!


photo © Nina Holst


Capri_Champagneglass Hadeland Glassverk

Nå som vi går mot festligere tider er det gøy med noen ekstra stilrene glass når man skal ha noe godt i glasset. Jeg har virkelig falt for den helt nye glass serien Capri –  som er en elegant nyhet fra Hadeland Glassverk med stramme linjer og løvtynt glass! Capri serien har et elegant og minimalistisk uttrykk som jeg synes passer godt til stilen hjemme hos oss. Og jeg elsker den syltynne stetten og lettheten i glasset som oppleves som nesten uvirkelig.  Det er en ren nytelse både å se på og å drikke av disse!

Glass serien er designet av Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge som er designsjef på Hadeland Glassverk. Målet hennes var å designe et glass som skiller seg ut i form og design og som skal appellere til de som både er opptatt av funksjon og stilren skandinavisk design. Noe jeg synes hun har lykkes godt med, er du ikke enig?

Capri serien består av allroundglass, rødvinsglass, champagneglass, champagneskål, vannglass og en stilren karaffel. Alle er munnblåste og i blyfritt krystall.



Gode nyheter! Du får nå 20% RABATT  på hele Capri serien, samt FRI FRAKT på Hadeland Glassverk sin nettbutikk. Tilbudet gjelder fra i dag 25. til søndag 28.10.18.

Snakker vi den perfekte gaven til seg selv, eller noen du vet setter pris stilfulle glass?

Capri hvitvin_ Hadeland Glassverk Capri rodvin_ Hadeland Glassverk
photos © Nina Holst

Beige and grey in the living room


This time of year I´m always longing for some changes in the house. Therefore I have rearranged a bit in the living room. Nothing big, just using the things that I already have to create a new look.
As you probably already know, I´m very into beige together with grey these days. So I´ve find some of the beige pillows and blankets that I had in storage to add more beige to the room. I´ve also replaced the big grey carpet that I used to have in the living room with this greige one that I had in a room downstairs ( it´s warmer in its color that it looks in these pictures ). I love the natural and nordic feel to this carpet and it matches well with the rest I think.

I have a few more plans for the living room this fall, so I will keep you updated as they come along of course.


I´m getting a lot of questions about our coffee table and side table in the living room. They are both for sale at – my shop with handpicked favorites of mine! Find the coffee table here and the side table here. There you will also find the PH 3/2 table lamp and the By Lassen candle holder that you see in this picture.

Beige and grey in the living room
photos © Nina Holst