Semifinalist Vixen Blog Awards 2016


Right before the weekend I got some great news! Stylizimo is a semifinalist in the Interior blog of the Year category at the Vixen Blog Awards! As I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, I´m very grateful for the nominations I´ve got – thank you so much!

If you enjoy my blog and think that I deserve to be in the final, it´s possible to vote every day until the 31st of December! I appreciate every vote I get <3


Christmas in the office

Christmas in the office.

Semifinalist Vixen Blog Awards 2016
photos © Nina Holst

An easy Christmas table setting

After a romantic getaway to Oslo from Friday to Sunday, we ended our weekend by having my family over for Christmas porridge. This is a tradition we started when we moved into our house 2 years ago, as I think it´s a nice way to find the Christmas spirit before Christmas eve.

Since we came back from Oslo on Sunday, I sat the table before the weekend so everything was ready. This year I used spruce branches from our Christmas tree to make a centrepiece on the table and to decorate the napkins. Then I added some glasses with hyacinths, larch twigs and candle lights to set the right mood.

So if you are looking for inspiration for this year´s Christmas table setting, this is a very easy and affordable way to set the table this Christmas. If you want some more color to the table, you can just replace the napkins and candle lights with something more colorful…

Christmas table setting green and grey Christmas decorations  An easy Christmas table setting an-easy-christmas-table-setting

An easy Christmas table setting An easy Christmas table setting
photos © Nina Holst


H&M Home Spring 2017


Let´s escape from Christmas for a little while and see some spring news. H&M Home released some very beautiful photos of their 2017 Spring Collection yesterday, and I love how stunning their collection look in these inspiring photos made by the Swedish dream-team Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin.

Together with some of the spring news you also see a lot of the H&M Home Basic collection in these pictures. I´ve always been a fan of their basics but I think I love the collection even more after seeing it in these amazing environments. I mean, what´s not to like?

H&M Home Spring 2017 H&M Home Spring 2017 H&M Home Spring 2017 H&M Home Spring 2017
Photos via H&M / Photography: Pia Ulin

Christmas tree decorations


On today´s agenda is buying a Christmas tree, and hopefully we will find a nice big tree for this years celebration. This means that I also have to decide on how to decorate this year´s Christmas tree, and I´ve been looking back on some earlier trees I´ve decorated to get inspired. Last year I went for silver, white and gingerbreads, and the year before that it was gold, black and white, and before that; copper, black and white ( I remember I found the copper and black ornaments at a second-hand store, and I was so happy! )

I´m still very into silver decorations, and since I started saving on some nice “silver” ornaments and bought a lovely new star last year, I´ll go for a silver scheme this years as well. I might even copy the gingerbread stars I´ve made, as I like the warmth they add. They also bring a delightful Christmas scent into the house that I love.

What are your plans for this years Christmas tree? And what color theme are you going for?

Christmas tree decorations_StylizimoChristmas tree decorations Stylizimo

Underneath you see my mini-tree from last year. Sometimes I like to kick off Christmas with a small tree before we buy the big tree. I just love the smell of a real Christmas tree in the house!

Christmas tree decorations
photos © Nina Holst


Christmas gift wrapping ideas


In collaboration with Scotch I´ve made some Christmas gift wrapping ideas for you, and as you can see I went for a natural theme this year.

By using elements from nature, I feel that it gets more personal and adds a nice touch to the Christmas presents without spending a lot of money.
To give the gifts that natural look, I mostly used brown paper, but to mix it up a little I also used matte brown paper with a white pattern on a couple of them.

As for the gift tags, I prefer the simple brown ones as they can easily be given your own personal touch. To add a fun detail, I´ve used Scotch Double Sided Tape on two of the tags and taped a wooden tree on one of them. On the other one, I made a green Christmas tree using small parts of some branches from a tree in my garden.

To follow up on the natural theme, I´ve used twine instead of ribbon. There are many ways to decorate with a twine, and here you see a few alternatives. To add the finishing touch, you can use pinecones (painted or natural), cinnamon sticks, star anise, and green branches etc. to decorate the gifts.

I hope you got some ideas for this year´s Christmas gift wrapping, and that you will find the time to put some love into the wrapping as well as in the gift.

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Here are the Scotch tapes I used on the gifts

Christmas wrapping ideas

From me to you…

Christmas gift wrapping ideas
photos © Nina Holst