IKEA sofa update in 1-2-3 with Bemz sofa cover


Do you remember the pictures from my new studio I´ve shown you earlier? Then you might remember that I had covered up my sofa? The reason was that I´ve bought a second-hand Karlstad sofa by IKEA that needed a new cover so I just covered it up with a big tablecloth I had until I found something better. After getting some fabric samples from Bemz, I ordered the perfect one!

If you didn´t know already, Bemz creates custom sewn design covers in hundreds of high-end fabrics so that you can update your IKEA sofa, armchairs, chairs and more. What better way to make your furniture reflect your personal style? For my Karlstad sofa I went for the super soft and lustrous velvet fabric designed by Designers Guild called Zaragoza Vintage Velvet – Eggshell, and I absolutely love my new sofa in my studio!

This is the first time I´ve tried a Bemz cover and I have to say that I´m very impressed by the good quality of the fabric and the fit. The sofa got a big upgrade and now looks super stylish!
Another thing I like about the Bemz products is that they are all machine washable and that the covers are sewn in Europe – both good for the environment.

Bemz sofa cover IKEA Karlstad

So what do you think? Do you like my new sofa?

I´m considering a little rug here as well. Any suggestions on what to choose? Color, style, fabric…? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Bemz sofa cover
photos © Nina Holst


Salg på merkevarer hos Royal Design!



Jeg fortsetter med å dele salgsfavoritter, og denne gangen har jeg plukket ut en rekke salgsvarer som du nå finner på Som du kanskje ser så er det salg på kjente merkevarer som Georg Jensen, Iittala, Kartell, Stelton m.m. Jeg blir så glad når det er salg på ordentlige ting, gjør ikke du?

Happy shopping og nyt sommeren videre!


Linker til alle produktene i kollasjen jeg har laget finner du her:

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In the summer heat it´s not easy to keep fresh flowers to stay alive indoors, so my tip is to find some decorative straws that don´t need water. They last forever and look beautiful and summery. Happy sunny weekend from me!

photos © Nina Holst

// This is a paid advertorial with Corian(R) Design
Before I start decorating a room, I am usually going through a process beforehand involving planning, thinking and making moodboards. I find that creating a moodboard is just a fantastic tool to help me see if the room will get the feeling that I am looking for, and the tool that I use is Photoshop.
But this is an advanced piece of software, that is both expensive and requires a bit of knowledge to use. I was therefore happy when Corian Design invited me to test their online Moodboard Maker. Finally, a simple way to get a sense of how colors, textures and more will match together!
So what is it? The Moodboard Maker is a super-simple online tool that allows you to create a unique inspiration board for a room. With the tool, you can create a collection of reference textures, colors, patterns and materials, and basically get a feel of how the room will be. The finished moodboard can easily be shared or printed – and you will also get a list of the Corian(R) Design products you have used.
Ready to give it a try? Just click this link and get started. And I would love to see what you create, so please share your board on social media and use the hashtag #CorianMoodboardMaker!

Moodboards made by Nina Holst

Flower tip for your garden

I have to share my beautiful white “Delphinium” (Ridderspore) that just started blooming on our terrace. This is a perennial plant and I´ve had it for a few years already, and I love its beautiful, tall spires! They get a lot of flowers as well, and are perfect for a vase inside as well. Flower tip of the day : )

Happy weekend, everyone. I´ll be back tomorrow showing you a fun tool that you can use – so stay tuned!

photos © Nina Holst