Smart nightstand idea

Finding a nice and practical nightstand at an affordable price can be difficult. To be honest, I think the selection are really bad, and I hope we will have a better variety in the future.

Maybe the clue is to think outside the box and use a multifunctional furniture, like this clever idea over at Fantastic Frank where they have used a VIPP kitchen shelf as a nightstand. Since I prefer to have the bedside table hanging on the wall, I find this to be a perfect idea!

If you want to make a similar one on a low budget, you can buy the IKEA version “BOTKYRKA” ( it will then be a bit longer, but with a good saw, you can split it in two. Spray paint it the color you prefer.  )

See also the Low Budget Nightstand I have in my own bedroom, if you need other ideas.


Photo via Fantastic Frank

Tip for scented candles


I love a good bargain, and when I found this pretty glass box at sale the other day (now only 50 NOK at H&M Home!), I knew right away what I wanted to use it for. The scent will last longer if you have a lid on it or keep the candle in a box. Since most of the scented candles are very pretty, I want to see them even if I´m not using them, so a glass box like this is perfect as a container.  Now I can just open the lid and use the candle when it´s still in the box.

Decoration (and bargain) tip of the day!

Tip for scented candles
photos © Nina Holst


The perfect lamp
photo © Nina Holst

For a long long time I´ve had the PH Artichoke lamp on my wishlist. In my opinion it is the perfect lamp, but I am not able to tell you in great detail why. It just is. So when Christmas came I managed to persuade my fiancé that maybe the house deserved a gift this year. Thankfully, he has the same affection for the lamp, so by Christmas day the PH Artichoke was hanging from the ceiling and what a feeling it was – and still is. I will be the first to admit it is a bit of an insane purchase, but knowing that this lamp will probably stick with me for the rest of my life makes it worth it. It feels like it has been a long distance love affair, and now my beauty has finally come home : )



Guest room Deco Blue


Another year has passed, and it´s always fun to look back at some of the projects that have been done in the house. Mostly as a reminder for myself since it is so easy to forget everything that has been done, but also as a summery of the year 2016 here on Stylizimo Blog.

The first project in January was renovating the guest room, and we painted it in a perfect blue color (picture above).

New stairs

Then we replaced both the stairs in the house, which made a huge difference! You can see the before & after pictures here.

We also changed the fronts and added a marble top on our IKEA Bestå in the living room. Find more info about the Superfront upgrade here.

Superfront upgrade

Bathroom makeover

Our bathroom got a little makeover until we have the money to renovate it. It´s amazing what some painting can do! Find before & after photos of the bathroom here.

Black house - Stylizimo House

In July I shared before & after photos from the house outside. Once again painting can do wonders!

Terrace stylizimo

Right before summer started, we got the glass railing fitted in the front of our new built terrace. It became very nice!

DIY outdoor sofa / bench

Another outdoor project was the DIY outdoor sofa out on our terrace. My favorite spot this summer for sure!

Clothing rail

In August our bedroom got an upgrade with this super cool clothing rail. I love it!

Hallway LADY Cashmere

In September I painted our hallway in the beautiful color LADY Cashmere.
The day after our kitchen got a makeover with a new color and a few changes as well. See more photos from our “new” kitchen here and here.

LADY Washed Linen Stylizimo kitchen

Bookwall/ Artwall

Some of the walls in the living room got a new color during autumn as well, and the bookwall/picture wall got a new look.
I also bought some curtains on budget to soften up the living room a bit. With the big windows it can easily seem cold and naked in the winter, and this upgrade certainly helped.

Grey curtains

In November I did an IKEA bookcase hack, and painted it in the same color as the grey corner you see above. Finally a place for books etc.

Bookshelf IKEA hack

Last project in the house was the new color downstairs where I have my office space. I´m so happy with this grey/beige color instead of the white that we painted when we first renovated down here.

So as you can see, there have been a lot of projects going on in the house during 2016, and I wonder what 2017 will bring.. : )

Grey office
photos © Nina Holst


Office in the living room

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holidays have been treating you nice and that you are fully recharged for the new year? I’ve had some quiet and relaxing days up in our family cabin, and are now ready to begin the new year.

Today´s office is actually in the living room, so I can enjoy the sunny view and some of the Christmas presents that we got ( .. and bought for ourselves ). One of the presents that I´m really excited about, is the beautiful Vako vase from Oslo Deco. I´ve been wanting this vase from the first moment I saw it, as I love its simple and modern sculptural shape. I think it looks very nice in our living room! Unfortunately, aren´t the selection of flowers the best right after Christmas, so I look forward to buy a nice colorful bouquet like this one, next time I need new flowers.

Office in the living room Vako vase
photos © Nina Holst