How to style a bar cart

Bar carts are probably not the most necessary home decor item, but they can certainly add the little extra to your living room if you decorate it nicely. I´ve had a bar trolley on my wishlist for a long time, but I had trouble finding the perfect one, until I discovered the timeless BAUHAUS trolley by Kristina Dam. You might remember it from my birthday wishlist? Well, my wish came true and I love it!


To make a bar cart to look stylish, you need nice accessories and bottles. If the bottle isn´t nice, use a carafe instead. Beautiful glasses look good on the trolley as well..
As a big fan of Georg Jensen products, I went for the Manhatten series as bar accessories. I think they match perfectly with the clean lines of the bar trolley.

Other than that I think it´s nice to style the trolley with flowers/green plants, and books/magazines. Just to soften it all up and make the cart blend in.

I hope you got a few tips if you want a bar trolley in your home as well. Happy festive weekend!  : )

How to style a bar cart
photos © Nina Holst

Magical morning view


The beauty of waking up early, is the magical view that I get from our terrace. Just listening to all the happy birds and enjoing the peaceful morning is a lovely way to start the day. I´m feeling truly grateful for this beautiful view we have.. and of course for all the incredible nice weather we have these days. Summer is definitely here!


photo © Nina Holst

Table setting with summer feeling


A few days ago we celebrated our National day (17th of May) here in Norway, and with the wonderful weather we had, I sat the table out on our terrace. I went for a simple white, blue and light grey theme and used Lilly of the Valley as flower decorations. As a fun little detail I had tags on each napkin that say “HIPP” and “HURRA” (which are typical words we use a lot of on this day..)

But as you can see, this table setting can of course be used in other settings as well. Whether it is a birthday celebration, summerparty or whatever the occasion is. Just make tags with other words and use whatever flowers you have around.

Table setting tip of the week : )

Table setting with summer feeling
photos © Nina Holst

A tip for the kitchen


I was telling you earlier this spring that I´ve wanted more green plants in my home, and one of the rooms that I´ve also have plants to add some color and life is in our kitchen.
I usually have herbs, but unfortunately they die in a few days. So I this time I went for a green plant that is much easier to keep alive. It´s growing fast as well! An easy tip to freshen up the kitchen : )

Another addition to our kitchen is the beautiful Bernadotte Thermos from Georg Jensen (adlink). I had this on my wishlist for my birthday, and my wish came true – oh, joy!

A tip for the kitchen
photos © Nina Holst

"Finding your place" by Nina Holst

Lately I´ve spent time on painting again, and I just can´t describe how nice it is to dissapear into another world where there is only me, my brushes and good music on my ear… Oh, joy!

If you remember my previous paintings, you might notice that they have a new look than before. I have been experimenting with some new techniques, and are quite pleased with the result if I may say so… : ) Let me introduce you to my latest finished work: “Finding your place” 1000x1200mm, and “Together” 1000x1200cm featured in my home.

If you are interested in buying, you can get more info about my paintings on or send an email to byninaholst(at)stylizimo(dot)com

"Together" by Nina Holst

“Together” to the left and “Finding your place” on the right..

Artwork by Nina Holst
photos © Nina Holst