New office in 1-2-3!

Grey home office

As you might have noticed, there have been quite a few projects at our house this summer and the office is one of the latest. In January I painted my home office in a blue-green color (Lofoten) , but I felt for a more natural look again, so I went back to black, white and grey – now with a light grey wall behind my computer.

Office black and white

By painting only one wall in a room, you get a new room in 1-2-3, it is cheap and it only takes a few hours to get it done. And if you get tired of the color, it´s not much hassle to paint over it again either…

Home office

Image: Nina Holst




Spending time out on our new terrace has been a great “staycation” so far this summer. I love being out here nurturing my plants or just lay on the couch reading good magazines… Life is good!

Plants on terrace

Love all my my white and green plants. They are so soothing..

Concrete table__details_terrace

Images: Nina Holst


White living room

White living room

I´m enjoying our newly painted white living room these days. It feels very summery and I love how the light is here now. Our sofa has also gotten a makeover, by changing the cover from grey to white it feels brand new and it brightens up the room even more.

Fig tree

Green plants are a must with all this white I think, and with the new DIY concrete table we get hints of green and grey to soften it all up a bit…

Tom Ford book

Image: Nina Holst


Our relaxing zone


With the extreme heat that we have here in Norway at the moment it´s nice to have a place in the shadows to cool down. We have chosen to have a white sail above our outdoor sofa so we have a place to relax or work away from the sun. This is definitely my favorite corner at the moment…


Images: Nina Holst

DIY – “Concrete” table

DIY Concrete table

I love concrete coffee tables, but they are usually expensive and very heavy, at least if you want a thick one like this. This one on the other hand, is very light and very affordable – a DIY “concrete” table that is done in a few. The thing is that it´s actually not concrete at all, it´s a brown fiberboard-table I found on sale at Ikea, that I painted with chalk paint from Pure & Original so it now looks like concrete. (I used leftovers I had from the bathroom makeover). Afterwords I added a sealer and a coat of lacquer so it´s easy to clean.

So what do you think?


Image: Nina Holst