White living room

White living room

I´m enjoying our newly painted white living room these days. It feels very summery and I love how the light is here now. Our sofa has also gotten a makeover, by changing the cover from grey to white it feels brand new and it brightens up the room even more.

Fig tree

Green plants are a must with all this white I think, and with the new DIY concrete table we get hints of green and grey to soften it all up a bit…

Tom Ford book

Image: Nina Holst


Our relaxing zone


With the extreme heat that we have here in Norway at the moment it´s nice to have a place in the shadows to cool down. We have chosen to have a white sail above our outdoor sofa so we have a place to relax or work away from the sun. This is definitely my favorite corner at the moment…


Images: Nina Holst

DIY – “Concrete” table

DIY Concrete table

I love concrete coffee tables, but they are usually expensive and very heavy, at least if you want a thick one like this. This one on the other hand, is very light and very affordable – a DIY “concrete” table that is done in a few. The thing is that it´s actually not concrete at all, it´s a brown fiberboard-table I found on sale at Ikea, that I painted with chalk paint from Pure & Original so it now looks like concrete. (I used leftovers I had from the bathroom makeover). Afterwords I added a sealer and a coat of lacquer so it´s easy to clean.

So what do you think?


Image: Nina Holst

New and bigger terrace


These last few weeks I have been busy building a new and bigger terrace in the backyard ( with great help from my father and fiancé ). I´m overwhelmed by all the space we suddenly have out there now and finally we have room for a dining table on the terrace as well – it´s so nice!

You´ll find more photos from the new terrace on Instagram under the hashtag #stylizimooutdoors


Images: Nina Holst