Girly stuff

Tray in the bedroom

A tray with a scented candle, perfume, hand lotion and some flowers is all it takes to add a little luxury feeling in the bedroom.

Cherry blossom

Images: Nina Holst

Ellos Favorites

Ellos favoritter

Ellos Home has some really lovely products in their collection, and when they asked me if I could share some favorites from their shop with you, I gladly say yes, because I knew it was an easy task :)  Just look at these amazingly good looking products I have picked out!

Here you have links to all the products:

1. Galaxy lamp
2. Time clock
3. Bookcase Elliot
4. Cosmos vase
5. Malin rug
6. Marble lamp
7. George coffee table


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My kind of color!


I´m really enjoying myself these days listening to good music and painting with delightful colors! It´s nice to get away from the computer every now and then and just let the creativity flow…

Here you see my latest work. Shades of green, white and gold.


If you are interested in buying, you can contact me at nina(at)stylizimo(com), or find more info about it at my gallery


Image: Nina Holst

Kitchen update

Black kitchen_brass faucet

The new kitchen is almost done, and I can´t wait to show you how it has turned out! In the meantime I have some sneak peeks from the parts that are done.

As you might remember from the planning, we chose a black oak kitchen with no handles from JKE Design. We also have a black laminate counter top and sink, so we went for a brass kitchen faucet to add some warmth to all the black. We are planning on having some black tiles on the backsplash as well so it will stand out even more – which is a must for such a jewel, right?

Herbs and kitchen oils

Even though not everything is finished yet we can still cook there, and a big tray of herbs, cooking oils etc. is already by the cooktop. Oh, joy!


Images: Nina Holst