Easy Easter DIY

Easter eggs

It has become a tradition to plant cress for Easter each year, as there is something nostalgic with it that I love so much…, pluss that it´s very easy to do.

This year I planted the cress in natural brown eggs filled with cotton, and I have placed them in a painted egg carton together with some painted eggs in the same color ( the lovely LADY Pure Color 7163 Minty Breeze)

Now I look forward seeing it grow…


Image: Nina Holst

Elegant design by Herman Cph


News it always exiting, at least when it´s simple, elegant and good craftsmanship. That´s exactly why I like the designs by the Danish couple Helle Herman Mortensen and Jonas Herman Pedersen behind Herman Cph. Just look at this new table in their FRISBEE series – it´s so elegant with its solid wood tabletop and sculptural legs made of powder-coated steel.


I love everything about the photo above, but notice the FRISBEE Magazine holder – it´s so stylish, don´t you agree? There is no doubt that this couple know  what good and simple design is…


I also want to mention the COUTOUR Panel as well as the LIMITED no1. Bedspread and the FRISBEE Dress Boy . Lots of new goodies to add the eternally long wish list… *smile*

Do you see anything you like?


Images: Herman Cph

Shades of grey

Black & white living room

I´m “borrowing” one of the paintings that I have for sale, as I wanted some changes in the living room´s TV area. This painting goes perfectly well with our black and white theme, don´t you agree?

I have some new paintings with more color as well, so if you need something new on your wall as well – let me know… You can see all my paintings for sale here.

Still life black & white

Images: Nina Holst

Black wall with books


One of my favorite places in the house is our black corner with the wall of books. I just love the dramatic and supermatte “LADY 9938 Dempet Sort” that makes everything stand out!

At first we painted this corner in LADY Pure Color 9913 Matrix which is also a lovely color, but since we didn´t had anything else that repeated the color in the living room, I did´t quite get it to fit in with the rest…  , and as you can see on the living room photos here, the black goes perfectly well with the rest of the room.

You can read more about how I made the wall with books here.


Images: Nina Holst