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I have mentioned to you before how much I like natural leather, so it´s probably no surprise that it was love at first sight when a dear friend introduced me to these handmade leather essentials from Oslo based company EAM!

EAM_eyewear case

I especially like the Eyewear case and the Camera strap, but I would´t mind a new sleeve for my Macbook either. I´m putting them all on my “Christmas wishlist” for sure.

If you want to see more of these Norwegian products, you can head over to EAM´s website.

EAM_camera strap

Images: EAM

Jotun Lady 2016 favorites

Jotun Lady fargekart_2015-16

Jotun Lady launched their new color chart last week, and I was there to see all the colors live.
With all the talented people working at Jotun Lady, I knew they would come up with a great new color chart, but this one was even better than I imagined. I actually liked every single one of the colors, and that has never happened before.

Anyway, I have been waiting for the perfect blue, and now I got three of them(!): 4744 Sophisticated Blue, 4477 Deco Blue and the 4638 Byge are all fabulous! So I guess I have to say that the theme “Reflections of Time” is my favorite.


4744 Sophisticated Blue – absolutely stunning!


4477 Deco Blue – I think this color will be a big hit. One of my favorites for sure!

Another beautiful color I want to highlight is the 10683 Cashmere. Golden touches of camel colors are important this season, and it looks great together with blue.


4638 Byge is also truly lovely, and I have to find a room I can paint in this color.


See more of the colors from Jotun Lady´s new color chart on their blog.

And if you want to see me and others getting interviewed + more from the press event, you can watch the video below

Images: 1: Nina Holst / 2-5:  Photography: Siren Lauvdal / Styling: Kråkvik & D´Orazio for Jotun Lady

My favorite combo

Black kitchen_stylizimo

This fall I will be looking for more products in wood for our home, as it is my favorite combo together with black and white at the moment. It´s not only a great way to bring nature inside, but the warmth and contrast it brings are so beautiful I think…


When we renovated our kitchen earlier this year, we chose to have a pine flooring to soften up the black, minimalistic kitchen. I´m still very  happy with our choice!

What is your favorite combo at the moment?


Images: Nina Holst

Saying hello to Autumn

Decorating the stairs for Fall

It´s the 1st of September and it´s pouring rain outside. I guess it´s time to welcome Autumn.

I actually prepared a little for Autumn this weekend, by replacing my summer flowers ( that was basically all dead ) with something that fits this new season better. So by the entrance I now have grass with straws ( Pennisetum Sky Rocket ) and succulents instead of flowers. Also notice how the succulent has already turned red, giving my corner the little extra Autumn feeling. Love that!

As you can see on my post ” Getting ready for Summer” in May, my ivy have grown quite a lot since then. I´m keeping it, and hoping it will survive winter…

How do you like to decorate your entrance for Autumn?

Autumn flowers at the stairs

Images: Nina Holst

Dinesen´s FAB showroom


I´m back home after some really inspiring days in Copenhagen and #danishdesigntour ( sponsored event ), seeing some great things that I would like to share with you.

Let´s start with Dinesen´s showroom, which is quite stunning! Dinesen´s GrandDouglas has been on my wishlist for many years, so it was very interesting to learn more about their products. Did you know for example that Dinesen is a lot more than just flooring? Out of respect for nature they make sure to use every last piece of the raw wood, so they also offer stairs, lists, and planks for creating beautiful furniture. For example they can be used for tables, benches, shelving units or to make a beautiful coffee bar as the one you see above.


Another example is this lovely bookshelf framing the double door.


The Grand Douglas planks are up to 15 meters long, and are truly amazing!
Everything out of wood you see from the showroom above is made out of Dinesen planks, so there are lots of possibilities…

Dinesen-Showroom_3The stunning roof and kitchen are other great examples on what you can make out of Dinesen´s products.


Images: Anders Hviid for Dinesen