New and bigger terrace

Stylizimo outdoors

Let´s start this week with some photos of the new terrace we have been working on most of our summer vacation. A lot of you have probably seen it already on Instagram, but now I have captured a few photos with my camera as well.

We have a few details left before we can call it a wrap, but we are very happy with how the new and bigger terrace has turned out so far. And even though the weather hasn´t been the best this summer, we have spent a lot of time out here already.

Terrace Stylizimo

In addition to the chairs, our plan is to build a sofa so we can fit more people here on the top level.


Conrad love spending time out here too…

Entrance house_Stylizimo

More photos to come when we are done with the rest. In the meantime you can see more photos of the terrace on my Instagram @stylizimoblog if you want…


Images: Nina Holst


Interview with Nadia Lassen

Dining room_stylizimo_by lassen

Today I have the pleasure to share with you an interview I did with Nadia Lassen. Nadia is the great granddaughter of Mogens Lassen, who is the designer of among others the famous Kubus candleholder. Nadia is the co-founder of by Lassen, who owns the rights to Mogens Lassens and his brother Flemming Lassen designs, and lucky for us bring these great designs out to the world.

I have myself been collecting by Lassen designs over a few years know, and therefore find it interesting to know more about the brand.

What gave you the idea to start your own company and get into interior design?
I was studying economy and marketing at Copenhagen Business School and I had to write my finishing bachelor project. The project ended up to be about the Kubus candleholders, which was at that time only known in Denmark by enthusiastic design lovers. The project was very interesting and it showed a great potential for the collection. My uncle, Søren Lassen, which at that time was producing the candleholders also found the project very interesting and he asked if we should open a company together, which ended up being by Lassen. Since the start we have developed the company into a brand instead of just a company selling design candleholders.

Line copper_ by lassen

Line copper by Lassen in my kitchen


Are all of by Lassen’s products based on Mogens and Flemmings design or are you also designing new products?
We also have a design team here at by Lassen, so in addition to the designs of Mogens and Flemming Lassen we also design our own products here at by Lassen. Our new launched product Stropp is for example a by Lassen product. Furthermore our design team is also bringing the old Mogens and Flemming Lassen designs into production. Often we have to make a lot of interpretation in an original design as for example type of wood, technique, fabric etc. which is not often specified in the original design.

How is a typical workday for you, if there is one?
A typical work day at the office is where I have a lot of meetings, often internal meetings with our employees. I addition to the managing work I am in charge of our communication and design team, and lots of decisions have to be made. Therefore I also have to answer all my emails in the evening, because I usually don’t have the time while I am in the office.


Kubus_white_by lassen

My very first by Lassen product – Kubus 4 white


What is your favorite by Lassen product? And do you have a favorite design icon, not by by Lassen?
I have to say two products, I can’t choose between our storage collection Frame and the Kubus candleholder collection. They are both iconic and classic and can be used in so many different settings. I also have several of other design icons not from by Lassen, which I really like and one of the products are the iconic Vipp pendal bin. I love the function, craftsmanship and story behind it.

What in your view is a good design?
Good design is in my opinion a product which applies to your emotions. Either you like it or you don’t. In other words the design will demand an attitude from you. Furthermore I believe that a good design is also a design where function and design are combined. A beautiful chair is not a good design to me if it’s not good at sitting at.
Our new launch Stropp is for example a good design to me because design and function are very well connected. Stropp can be used in so many ways but the design is also nice and decorative when it is not being used.


Frame_by lassen

Loving these Frame sideboards we have in the kitchen for extra storage.

Have you ever wondered why so many great designers come from Denmark? Why do you think it is like this?
I believe that we have an extraordinary design tradition in Denmark, and many Danes had just grown up in a design environment. Therefore the design understanding comes very natural to us, and we like to keep us updated on all new designs as well. In addition to this orientation against design we also have great schools which educate talented young designers. If we are looking back at the designers from my great grandfathers’ time we are really lucky to have all these great designers from the same period of time. Many of them knew each other and where friends and I think that they inspired each other and also helped each other. The ‘old’ designers like Arne Jacobsen, the Lassen brothers, Hans J. Wegner and so on they are still very, very important for the Danish design tradition and also the people we are known for abroad. Even though they are not here anymore, foreigners have that impression that Denmark is a design imperium, and that is very much thanks to the generation before us.

Anything new and exciting by Lassen has planned to launch in the near future that you can share with my readers?
We are launching products at least two times a year, in spring and at autumn. I can’t tell you the exact products we are launching but I am very proud of the new collection which includes wallpaper and other accessories.


Thank you so much for your time, Nadia. Looking forward seeing by Lassen´s new collection.


White kubus_by lassen

Images: Nina Holst


SINNERLIG by Ilse Crawford


This August we will finally see the SINNERLIG collection by the famous designer and interior designer Ilse Crawford. We got a lot of sneak peeks from the lovely collection this spring, but last week Ikea released the press images and prices for the new products.

The SINNERLIG collection will provide high quality design with typical IKEA prices – it´s almost too good to be true!

Sinnelig lampe

Isn´t this frosted white lamp with cork amazing?

Sinnerlig _skrivebord Sinnerlig_Ilse

As you can see there is a lot of cork in the new SINNERLIG collection. Simply beautiful!

Sinnerlig_kork Sinnerlig_kurvSinnerlig sofa

I truly love the natural and calm feel to the collection, and I´m sure we well see a lot of this in the time to come…


What do you think of the SINNERLIG collection? Anything you would like for your home?


Images: Ikea


DIY: Flower wreath


I made myself a flower wreath out of peonies, so now I´m ready for the celebration of midsummer! I guess my head will smell wonderful tonight *smile*…

If you want to make a flower wreath too, you can see the video I followed here.


Happy midsummer!

Blomsterkrans peoner


Images. Nina Holst

Salgsfavoritter ELLOS

// AnnonseEllos Salgsfavoritter



Ellos har startet salget, og de har spurt om jeg ville velge ut noen salgsfavoritter fra deres HJEM – sortiment. Jeg synes Ellos har veldig mye fint, så det var enkelt å finne godsaker som nå er på salg.

Legg bl.a merke til avisshyllen ( nr. 10 ). Perfekt som nattbord med plass til bøker og blader og til en lampe på toppen. Nå til kun 89,- ! ( ..billigere nattbord enn det får man vel ikke? )


Salgsfavoritter fra Ellos:

1. Kurv Coco i 2-pk
2. Taklampe St Paul
3. Teppe Vallentuna 70×200 cm
4. Sengesett Wilma i bomull med stripe
5. Sengesett Sinna i vasket lin/bomullskvalitet
6. Bokstøtte
7. Putetrekk Marlene
8. Putetrekk i 2-pk Robin
9. Pledd Mallie
10. Avishylle ( eller nattbord om du vil… )


Flere av mine favoritter finner du på
Her er det penger å spare folkens, så fort deg før alt blir utsolgt!



In collaboration with Ellos / Collage by Nina Holst