Did you like the style in Marjon Hoogervorst´s photos in the previous post? H&M Home Collection has a great selection of things that you could use to get this style. I put together some things that you might like…

I´m sorry to say that the H&M Home Collection is only available in some countries in Europe.
Collage made by Nina Holst / Stylizimo    Images: H&M Home

If you are lucky enough to have a brick wall in your house, please don´t hide it! It´s SO lovely and it gives the room an extraordinary look. Just take a look at this kitchen and see how warm and welcoming the room feels although everything else is white and cool.

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Images: Stadshem

Isn’t this bedroom just the cutest?

the chandelier
the wallpaper
the cushions
the floor
the light
the dressing table
What do you like about this bedroom?

Images: Alvhem

Ikea Family Live is real people with real inspiration from their own homes, with of course using Ikea goodies. It’s so much better to see Ikea furnitures in natural surroundings, rather than over-styled catalogue pages! Here you have some of my favorite finds…

What a perfect Ikea bathroom. I love everything about it!
(Well, maybe not the floor..)
 Turquoise, lime, grey and white –  A fresh combination! 
What a DREAMY room… Lovely white
 I had one of these once, but I used it for my jewellery. What a great idea to use it for your favorite cups!

Hello wonderful people! Today I stumbled upon this fascinating kitchen that I´d like to share with you. It has plenty of hip solutions that could give you some ideas if you are redecorating your kitchen.

Notice the large wine fridge and the three holes for decoration to the right! The green color sure do spice up the kitchen.

Do you see the green chair? It´s so brave and creative to add such details. I love it!
Your finest glass collection in a open shelf – A great idea!
Yes, I think I would love to cook in this kitchen 🙂

Images: Alvhem