This apartment shows that is possible to have a nice and cosy home although you live in a small apartment. I guess with a bed in your living room you have to keep it tidy all the time, or at least when you have guests. But the benefit you get is the extra seating, so it’s kind of practical too.

I think this apartment has a loads of lovely details, and I like the relaxed style that it has.
Imagine sinking into that sofa with those sweet linen pillows… But something is wrong in this apartment: Where’s the TV?
I know it looks ugly interior-wise, but we have to have a TV right? 🙂
Images: Alvhem

I pink
I turquoise
I green
I red
I baby-blue
I yellow

I COLORS in the summertime!

Enjoy your Monday!

Images: housetohome

Wow, this place is so charming! I love the touch of retro combined with the romantic and modern. It definitely gives the apartment personality! Let’s take a tour and see if we can find some inspiration from this beautiful home…

Oh, what a lovely sofa – a great shape and color! I wonder how it is to sit in though.
The table and the two little stools fit perfect with the sofa. Just lovely!
Always cosy to have a fireplace, at least now that we are heading towards fall and winter.
A light and open kitchen – just what I prefer. This is a great place to make dinner and having guests. Don’t you agree?

Notice the beautiful wooden floor –  I love it!

All those nice little details on the counter, and the herbs are really refreshing!

I like the idea of having fresh vegetables on the kitchen counter – it adds extra color to the kitchen.
This bedroom is a bit small, but with lots of white I think it’s very delicate and lovely. It has definitely a relaxed feeling.
Isn’t this room the cutest? Children’s room should always have lots of colors! 
Find more inspiration on childen’s room here.

So what do you think? Anything you particularly like about this apartment?

 I hope it gave you some inspiration, and wish you all a lovely Friday!

Images: Stadshem

The summer doesn’t last forever, so it’s important to stay as much as you can outdoors while it’s here. By having a little summerhouse in the garden, you and your family can spend more time outside. It also gives you an extra room if you need more space.
Here you have three examples on how to decorate a little summerhouse…

You can have an extra living room in your garden, where you can drink coffee or tea while you relax with a good book.

Why not make an outdoor office, so can enjoy the summer while you’re working?
Then you can take small breaks in the sun…

An outdoor playroom for your children is a nice way to make sure your children get enough fresh air.
Which one would you have, if you had to choose one?

In Elle Decor´s June issue you can see Meg Ryan’s house by the beach. Her beautiful house is located at a place called “Martha’s Vineyard”, which is an incredible charming place at the southeastern coast of Massachusetts. The interior design in her house is a mixture of industrial and vintage lighting, hand-hewn wood furniture and sofas and armchairs slipcovered in pale linen. Take a look…

Notice the cool dining area’s pendant lights, and the gorgeous big FLOWERS metal sign!

The contrast between the black floor and the white walls and roof really makes a great statement and depth in the room.

This kitchen is amazing! The big oak table, the pendant lights, the glass cabinet and lots of windows are great details in this room – I love it!

Imagine how boring this main entrance would be without the flowers. A perfect way to soften up the interior.
Bluestone shelves and white-painted brick-supports create a nice storage place. This shouldn’t be to hard to make yourself I suppose.

Oh, I love the master bedroom. Fresh flowers, hint of colors and lots of light although the furniture is dark.
The guest room is very serene and light, but a bit boring I think. Maybe some flowers would be nice?

Some vintage pendant lights are a brilliant way to bring light into a bathroom. The counters are made in the same way as the storage shelves in the kitchen.
A perfect little antique earthenware tub is of course a must in a beach house, and it looks lovely with the mosaic floor around it.

  I hope I’ll get you know you Meg, so I can visit you in this beautiful beach house….:)
And if this house reflects your personality,  I think I would like you very much!
Images: Elle DECOR