You have probably seen ladders in some of my earlier posts, but I have to show you again because it´s such a wonderful way to decorate a room. My suggestion would be to put the ladder in your hallway or bedroom, and decorate it with your favorite clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories or other items that you love.

Do you have a ladder in your home, or would you like to have one?

Let´s start this week with something adorable. This white kitchen shows that it is all about the details. Imagine this room without the pink textiles, the flowers/herbs and the lovely KitchenAid mixer. They all together give life and charm to this kitchen.

Are you good with details in your home?

Images: Alvhem

the serene look
the white
the hints of color
the rooms
the cosiness 
What do you think about this apartment? Is this a style you like?
Images: Alvhem

Have you thought of all the options you have when it comes to decorating with pictures and art? If you are redecorating quite often, a great idea would be to place them on a shelf like they did in some of these photos, and maybe add some other decorating items like letters, flowers, books etc. So when you get tired of it, you can just replace it with something else. Suits ME just perfect 🙂

Here are some different ideas for you…

What kind of style do you prefer in your kitchen, and are you happy with the one you have? Today I’ve found 10 different kitchens that are all lovely in they own way. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration if you are thinking about redecorating…

If you had to pick one of these kitchens, which one is the winner? 🙂
I really like them all, but my favorites are #2 and #4.
Images: Alvhem and Stadshem