What to wear?

Walk-in closet

I´m beyond excited over going to ELLE’s summer party today. The sun is shining and we are going to spend the evening nearby the sea – I know it´s going to be a magical night! The only thing is; what to wear among all the celebrities and fashionistas?

Image: Nina Holst


14 thoughts on “What to wear?

  1. Filipek70

    don’t worry.:))).you are always so stylish ………….so anthing from your wardrobe will be just congruous:))))))))))
    have fun :)greetings from Poland :)

  2. Linda// Hviit

    Du er ut en million dollar anyway. Jeg kommer rett fra grilling og volleyball med klassen til Nico litt ut på kvelden, tenker at da er alle så brisne at de ser ikke hva jeg har på meg uansett! Sees!

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  4. Har en drøm...

    Tipper du fant noe lekkert Nina, du er fin uansett:))
    Og med det klesskapet der, for ikke og snakke om skoene… var det nok ikke noe problem, hehe:))

    Tipper dere hadde det gøy ♥

  5. Marie-Pier Deshaies

    Oh my gosh… even your wardrobe fit with your home design ! Impressive. That walk-in is one of the most fabulous I’ve seen ! The idea for organizing your high heels is amazing ! And actually so simple… Congrats!

  6. Manuela Wiesenbach

    I am sure, you made it well. Such a great lady as you are. Best regards from Germany! By the way: I really love your blog for a long, long time. ;-)

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