Walk-in-Closet on a low budget!


A walk-in-closet has been on my wishlist for a long time, but we thought of it as an expensive thing to make, so we just put the idea on hold. We also had trouble finding solutions that fitted the room in a way that we wanted it.

After some serious planning a few weeks ago, we saw that we could make a walk-in-closet on a low budget and still get it as “dreamy” as we ( or I *smile* ) imagined.

Tom Ford book Organizing_walk-in-closet

– We bought two MALM ( one double and one single ). I was hoping to buy them second-hand on Finn.no but couldn´t find any in white unfortunately ( Could have saved a lot of money there! ).

– As for the clothing rack we just used STOLMEN. It´s quite thick so it doesn´t bend even though it´s long and has a lot of weight on it. Oh, we actually had to bend all the hangers a bit to get them to fit on the rack, since it´s so thick ( this is what you do, when you want things to be affordable ha ha ).

– As shelves we went to a local hardware store and bought 30 cm wide shelves that we got cut in the exact length. We also bought a shorter to make space for long dresses etc. hanging from the clothing rack. All the shelves are attached with mouldings underneath that are painted white.

– For high heels, belts, jewellery and ties, I´ve used BYGEL ( that is meant for kitchen towels )  that I spray painted in gold for a more glamorous look. ( Only 19 NOK for each! ) You can get a closer look of the shoe rack here.

– I also made myself a dressing table using a white shelf with mouldings underneath. Above I had to have two LEDSJÖ lamps that created the right “girly” look for a dream walk-in-closet. I love sitting here putting on my make up – you have no idea!

For everything including the mirrors we ended up using 4300 NOK (about $720) – not so bad, huh?

I hope you like it, and that it might give you some ideas for your own dream walk-in-closet!

PS! I´m not sponsored by Ikea ( although I should have been *smile* ). I only link to their products to make it easier for you, in case you like to make something similar some day.


WalkinclosetWalk-in-closet parfume_tray

Images: Nina Holst

218 thoughts on “Walk-in-Closet on a low budget!

  1. Katerina

    It looks absolutely amazing! We have an extra tiny bedroom that I have planned on turning into a walking closet with almost exactly the same items you picked from IKEA ! I was thinking of finding something to combine for a shoe rack myself I have not quite figured it out yet if I want shelves or… We’ll see in about a month ! I love the closet space though very well done!



    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you, Katerina! I hope you can share some photos on Stylizimo.com when you are ready with your new walk-in-closet – I would love to see it!


  2. Marta

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! You just made my dreams come true! Some time ago I wrote in the comments that I would love to see how you styled a dressing table but this is FAR BEYOND my secret wishes! The combination of a walk-in-closet and this girly area for putting make up and storing cosmetics and jewellery is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for this inspiration! You are like a Guru for me :)


    1. Nina Holst Post author

      I remember you comment :) I´m very glad you hear that you like both my dressing table and my walk-in-closet. Nothing makes me happier than inspiring others <3

      Thank you SO, SO much for your kind feedback!

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you! The jewellery hanger is from a bathroom dealer here in Norway called “Comfort Bad”.


  3. Kathy

    Absolutly beautiful! I love the mix of white and gold. This is exactly how I am planning to design my dressing room, too!
    Love, Kathy

  4. Hanne

    Kjempefint og inspirerende! Hva slags gulv har dere? Er det parkett som er malt hvit? Og har dere evt. gjort det i hele leiligheten? Jeg lurer på å gjøre det hos oss da jeg ikke liker den gull-gule fargen som vårt gulv har, men jeg syns det er så skummelt at det ikke er noen vei tilbake i tilfelle det ikke skulle bli fint.. Har du noen tips? :)

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Tusen takk, Hanne! Vi har et gammelt tregulv som vi har malt i hvitt ( med Trestjernes maling.) Vi har malt alle gul i huset ja. Vi er veldig fornøyd!
      Vasket med salmiakk og vann først, deretter malte jeg tre strøk.

  5. Maria

    It looks so fabulous Nina! I wish we had extra space for this kind of luxury ;-) Maybe one day :-) Until then I’ll just drool over yours, I love it!

  6. Signe

    Å sukk! Jeg liiiker!
    Snart får vi et soverom ledig, da spørs det om ikke jeg også må lage til et walk-in-closet :)


    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Tusen takk, kjære deg! Det er jammen deilig med egen walk-in-closet – det er bare å glede seg :)

      Håper du har det fint også. Sender en stor klem.

  7. Sara

    Vakkert!! Masse fin inspirasjon!! I morgen den dag rydder jeg klesrommet, pakker bort klær så får kjæresten hive ut klesskapene fra 90 tallet. Nå skal det bli WALK IN CLOSET, dette var sparket bak, hehe!! :D

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Tusen takk! Gøy å høre at jeg kan inspirere til å sette igang prossessen! Det blir nok bra! Det er alltid deilig å få ryddet bort de klærne man ikke bruker. Dette gjør jeg jevnlig og gir bort til Fretex.

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Så bra! Huggelig at du liker det :)
      Ha en god dag, kjære deg!

      klem fra Nina

  8. Willow

    It looks absolutely stunning ! My question though is how do you keep the wall behind the shoes clean? My shoes would cause many dirty spots/stains on the wall (if hung like that). I LOVE the look, however.

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thanks! :) It would be an idea to clean the shoes before you hang them up. Or you can paint a square behind the shoes in a darker color or use a paint that is easy to clean. Another suggestion is to attach a plexiglass on the wall behind the shoes.

  9. Jenny

    Superfint! Vi håller precis på att renovera vårt sovrum och en del av det ska bli en walk-in-closet. Ser ut som att ni har ungefär lika stor yta som vi kommer få så det är kul att se att det går att lösa på ett så fint sätt och ändå få plats med en hel del grejer :) Och himla skönt att veta att det går att lösa utan att behöva försätta sig i personlig konkurs också ;)

  10. Runa

    Helt nydelig, og kilden til masse inspirasjon!
    Fungerer Bygel-stangen for sko med lavere hel også? Henger de godt?

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Tusen takk! Den funker ikke så bra med lav hel dessverre. De har jeg satt i hylle istedet.

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I´m happy to hear that you like it :)

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    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you! I have mouldings underneath that holds the shelf. One on each side, and one against the wall.

  13. Marru

    Omg this is so pretty, and stylish!!! :) Nice!!

    I have been thinking a long time now, those ledsjös too to my walking-closet, but have had troubles to figure out how to put them… maybe you can help me with my questions :) :) I really could use some help!
    How are the ledsjö wired up ? Does it go to plug? How do you switch them on and off? :)
    if its very complicated to explain, feel free to e-mail me :)

    Thanks a lot :) <3 I hope I get my own ledsjös soon too :)

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much! :)
      No, they are not wired up, so I bought two wires with switches at Ikea ( ask them so you get the right one ). Then you have to use an electrician to connect the wires ( I actually did it myself, but that´s not recommended or allowed ( at least not here in Norway..ops. )
      I hope you figure it out!


  14. Alison

    Love it!!! It looks so stylish! Such an amazing tranquil space.
    I love the Malm drawers, we have them in our bedroom, with the small ones as bedside cabinets too. They look great with a wall of Ikea High Gloss White Wardrobes.

  15. laila

    Love Love Love your closet also can you please tell me where you got your lights on the first shot 5 5 bulbs on each side of your mirror I have wanted to do that to my mirror since I was five. Smiles for miles Laila

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Hi Laila!
      It´s two wall lamps from Ikea called Ledsjø. It´s a link in the text above :) I LOVE them!

  16. Kate

    I love what you’ve achieved here! Thats a dressing room that dreams are made of!!
    Feeling inspired…

    Thanks for a great post

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much! :)
      I have a Canon 60 D, and here I used a Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 on a tripod. It´s a nice all-around lens.

  17. Jo Green

    Beautiful! Can I ask where your white (looks ceramic) jewellery holder is from please?
    Many thanks!

  18. Hilary

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    The closet looks stunning. We are doing a restoration of a 100 yr old home and I need to find the perfect solution for a walk-in closet. I love the MALM dresser too!

  19. Abigail

    This is gorgeous! ♥ I’d really love a walk-in-wardrobe because I have so many clothes. I love how you’ve kept it quite simple and white, it lets the clothes and accessories stand out. :)
    I think I need to make a trip to Ikea!

  20. Katrina G.

    This looks like a dream! I have no words. Ok, I have some.. :) My dream is to have my own house and decorate it! Black & White (some grey too), rustic and minimal, Big windows, Wooden floors and a walk-in-closet!!! Wish me that after health and happiness for all , I’m going to own a home!!

    So talented and stylishly a post! Congrats!

    Katrina G.

  21. eleni

    It’s amazing how Ikea is just so damn good at making stuff for organising stuff. Can’t get enough of the unlimited potential a little towel rack has.

    Great post.

  22. Den där Victoria

    Så himla snyggt!!! Smart med skorna, vi har ju såna stänger liggandes här hemma, nu fick jag ju fin inspiration till vad jag kan använda dom till, tack för det.

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  24. Boring Chick

    Morning! I was wondering how you hung your high heels up? Shoes are the biggest mission when space is limited! They look great so I wondered what the trick was, please? :)

  25. charlotte

    This is my dream room! Can’t wait until I finish being a student and can design my own place like this! I was wondering where you got your vanity tray from (with your jewellery holder and perfume on)? The way you’ve displayed it is gorgeous!
    Thank you x

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much, Charlotte!
      The tray is from Design House Stockholm. I have it in different sizes and can be used as a lot of things – I love it!

      I hope you will get your dream wardrobe one day…

      All the best,

  26. Maria

    Absolutely amazing .
    Like everything, specially the Bygel, for shoes , sun glasses and belts.
    Thank you.

  27. Davina

    Thanks for posting this affordable way to organize a closet! If only I had seen this when I first moved in- guess I’ll just have to wait until the next house ; )

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  29. Myr

    Gorgeous! I’ve repinned the picture of your clothes rack onto my dream home on Pinterest :) Very inspiring!

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  33. Jessica - Nordicspace

    Brilliantly designed, styled and photographed! Do you mind if I share this on my blog Nordicspace ( Australian based blog with a focus on Scandinavian interiors). With full credits of course!

    Many Thanks

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much! You are welcome you use my photos on your blog of course. That would only be an honor! :)

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  36. Elodie

    This is like the dream walk-in closet ! I was wondering where you got the frame with the Chanel n°5 ad. Very beautiful and inspirational.

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much, Elodie!
      The frame is “RIBBA” from Ikea, and the Chanel ad is from Ebay. Just search on Chanel ad ;)

      Nina :)

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  43. Thea

    Wow, this is absolutely perfect! A great inspiration, thank you so much :)
    Can i ask you, where you bought the light bulb on the second picture?


    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you, Thea! The light bulb lamp is from Design House Stockholm.


  44. Luisa

    This is amazing, well done! Thank you for including all the Ikea stuff you used, it’s super helpful. I am hoping to make a walk in closet in my new house using this as inspiration!

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  50. Yusser

    THIS IS AMAZING! i love it omg
    I’m ‘building’ my own walk in closet right now too and well this is my biggest inspiration, i’m making it veeeeeery similar (:
    only question is, how wide is the shelf you used for the dressing table?
    Thankss x

  51. Nadia Willum

    Where is the white tray from?
    Sorry for not reading all the comments through to see if the answer is there – but there is so many!

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  53. Qistina

    Hi Nina

    Cant wait to apply your idea to my new condo soon!

    p/s: what camera did you use to captured those photos?

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  60. Pernille Berg

    Det fineste walk-in jeg længe har set! Så inspirerende! Hvor er tæppet mon fra?

    Kh Pernille

  61. Lise

    This room is stunning. Would you be able to share where you got the white vanity tray from? I’ve been searching one like it that has legs. Thank you Nina!

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you! The tray is from Design House Stockholm. It comes in different sizes too :)

  62. elisabeth


    Vi pusser opp soverom, og her var det mye nyttige tips!. Jeg lurer bare på, hva brukte du til å henge opp hyllene med? Du skriver “mouldings”, altså listverk, men hva er egentlig det? er det vinkler som er festet under hylle og til veggen, eller lister? henger det bra og solid ?

    Kjempe takknemlig om du svarer!

    Fin søndag til deg :)

    – Elisabeth

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Hei Elisabeth og Pernille

      Beklager sent svar, men denne har gått meg litt hus forbi…
      Mouldings er listverk ja, men har brukt litt tykkere “firkant”-lister så den får bedre støtte. Har lister på begge sider, samt inn mot vegg bak (under)
      På hyllen som stopper midt på veggen har jeg en vinkel under ( bak kommoden ) slik at den holdes bedre oppe. Ellers synes jeg hyllene er solide både de jeg har i garderoben, samt hyllen jeg har brukt til sminkebord.

      Håper det var til hjelp.


  63. Lisa Hedge

    I just pinned your walk in closet on Pinterest, I love what you’ve achieved here, but I’m also loving your taste in clothes.
    My daughter has been telling me to buy neutral colours, and after seeing you’re style , I have to agree with her, it really works. Will now take a look at the rest of you’re website. Thanks.

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Hi Lisa! I´m glad to hear that you like my walk-in closet. I´m very pleased with the result.
      When it comes to clothes, I´m sticking to neutral colors so I don´t get tired of them to fast. I try to find clothes that will last for a while, both in colors and in style.
      I hope you will find more inspiration here on my blog, Lisa. Nice hearing from you :)


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  67. Lillybelle

    What a lovely and beautiful room. It looks absolutely stunning und I am using it as a Inspiration for my own dream walk-in-closet. :-)
    Actually, i am planning one and i would like to use the same solution as you did. I would like to install a clothing rack from wall to wall. But i didn`t find a solution for that. During looking on the Ikea Website, i only found Solutions with the stolmen System, which implicates using a post to fix the rack, but i would like to install it the way you did.
    How did you fix the clothing rack on the walls, that it looks like a Floating rack, if you understand what i mean?

    Thank you very much for your answere and all the best. I am a huge fan of your blog.

    1. cottu

      I am discovering your very lovely blog today.
      Where did You find your jewelery “tree” near the Daisy parfume ?
      Really girly..

      1. Nina Holst Post author

        I´m glad to hear that you like my blog. The tree is from a shop called “Comfort” here in Norway. They sell stuff for the bathroom.

  68. cottu

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you very much or your answer. It’s funny because i went today to Bo Concept and found it. It’s from the brand “zone denmark”.
    All is so “delicate “in your appartment, you have a new fan !!

  69. Madelen Ljosland

    Utrolig fin garderobe:)
    Jeg lurte på hvordan du har fått festet stolmen stangen i veggen?
    Den ene enden har jo hull fra før av, men hva har du gjort med andre enden?
    Hilsen Madelen

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Hei Madelen,

      Tusen takk for det! Jeg er veldig fornøyd.
      Det er jelt sant at det ikke er noen hull i andre enden. jeg har likevel skrudd flere lange skruer igjennom “plastikkkoppen” for feste. Stangen står også godt i spenn for ekstra støtte. Her kommer det litt an på skruer og bæring i vegg, men husk å ikke overfyll stangen med klær. Det blir fort veldig tungt.

      Lykke til! :)

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  71. Katrine

    Hei Nina,

    Så utrolig fint du har det og så mange kreative ideer du har. Får så mye inspirasjon av deg :) Hvor mange kg tror du Stolmen tåler når den er hengt slik?


    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Hei Katrine. Så hyggelig at du syntes det. Tusen takk!
      Jeg aner ikke hvor mange kilo den tar, det kommer sikkert veldig ann på festet du har i veggen ( gips, tre, betong..)Jeg har jo en del klær på min, så den tåler jo en del.

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  77. Chau

    Such a lovely room. I just found your blog and I already hooked :-)
    Where did you brought the small closets or chest of drawers?


    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you, Chau! I´m happy to hear that you like my blog :)

      The chest of drawers are from Ikea, ( “Malm” )


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  83. Tasica Paulini

    Hei, skjønte for så vidt at du er norsk. Så morro at jeg klikket meg inn her når jeg faktisk satt og søkte på engelsk!
    Bor i England jeg da, og prøver å bygge mitt walk in closet her. Så da var spørsmålet mitt: Hvor sterk er egentlig veggen i forhold til å holde stolpen med klærne oppe? Og hva festet dere stolpen med? Litt redd for at veggen her ikke er sterk nok til å holde stolpen oppe, og da blir det dyrt :) Takk for svar på forhånd! Flink du har vært.

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  94. Madeleine

    After seeing your beautiful Walk in closet, i was so inspired and made some redecoration in my own tiny wic! So happy i found your blog. I must also ask where those gorgeous belts in black and natural are from, those with the golden arrows?

    Love your style!
    / Madeleine

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  96. Lucy

    Bravo your work is great. How did u get to fix the rod on the wall? Mine does not stay in place . And is the same stalman. Did you open extra holes in the plastic mount ? Thank u

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  100. Live

    hei! Lurte på hvordan klarte du å feste stolmen kles-stangen på begge sider. Sånn jeg har forstått det så er den sånn at det er hull til å skru den fast i veggen på bare den ene siden av stangen. Trenger hjelp!!

    PS: hadde vært kult om du sjekk ut min nettside om interiør design. Driver å pusser opp og redekorerer rom og leiligheter;))

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Det stemmer at det kun er hull i den ene siden, men det er ikke noe problem å skru skruer i mellom plastdelen som sitter i andre enden.

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  111. tanya

    Hi Nina
    I’m inspired by your wardrobe, as I was convinced on having a built in wardrobe made with frames, however seeing your post has made me reconsider.
    We have a sloping ceiling, so shelves can only be attached to one side wall. They will be half floating in a way. I was wondering how strong your short shelf is which finishes halfway across the wall. I assume you have mouldings along the walls where the shelf is attached, but how did you ensure it was secure and strong enough without a moulding along the ‘floating’ side of the shelf? Many thanks

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  126. Irina

    Sorry, if you’ve already answered this but, i didn’t find the reference. Where is your white vanity tray from. Nice work. Thanks!

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  130. Tina Jacobsen

    How big is the room? This is exactly how i imagined my walk in closet to look! wow! :)
    I just can’t decide which room i should use, i have one 2,70×2,70 m. and a 2,70×3,20 m. decisions, decisions ;)

  131. Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    Great job Nina! When I first purchased my home, it’s a 3 bedroom older home I wanted to knock the wall down between the smallest room which was next to the main bedroom, I wanted to make it into a walk in robe and ensuite, but alas it wasn’t a great idea investment-wise as when I decide to eventually sell I’d minimise my potential buyers as people would prefer a 3rd bedroom regardless how small to a walk-in-robe/ensuite :(

    Check out Lisa Pullano’s wardrobe/office it’s also stunning :D


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