Simplifying your decoration

Living room_Stylizimo

The weekend is over, which means back to work. Important planning and interesting meetings regarding Stylizimo Shop are on the schedule this week. It´s hard to describe how grateful I am for all the members on, and seeing you are active uploading photos, communicating with each other and shopping great products. Our goal is to simplify your decorating by collecting everything interior at one place, but I also enjoy that it´s a great meeting place for like-minded people… I hope to meet you there!

Image: Nina Holst


10 thoughts on “Simplifying your decoration

    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Takk for at du sier i fra. Jeg er jo veldig klar over forskjellen i betydning, men dette har jeg rett og slett ikke sett. Merkelig at noen ikke har sett det før og sagt i fra. Er jo en grov feil :)

  1. Fashionruelle

    Could you Please let me know which camera and lenses you use? I love your photos , they are just bright and amazing! I would like to buy new camera but I didn’t make the choice yet ;)) I am working on quality of my photos …

    And congratulation your blog is amazing !


    1. Nina Holst Post author

      Thank you so much! :)
      I have a Canon 60 D, and I mostly use my Canon 50mm f1,4 and Sigma 24-70mm f2,8 lenses. I also have a Canon 18-200mm that I sometimes use if I want to take a photo of the whole room / want to capture more of the room. My favorite though is the Canon 50mm f1,4, but I use it mostly for my close ups.


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