About Stylizimo


Hello! I’m Nina, a Norwegian girl who loves to decorate and inspire others.
I have a broad taste in styles, so on this blog I will share the most interesting and beautiful finds from my favorite styles, and also show you that mixing them can bring more personality in to your home.

In addition to this blog, I’ve made the home decoration community Stylizimo.com. As I love to decorate and help others with decorating tips, I aim to make this site a place for everyone to share their tips, get advice from like-minded and seek inspiration from each other. I am really excited about this project and look forward to meet you all there!

Apart from being obsessed about interior design, I also like to feed my creativity by painting from time to time in addition to running around with my camera snapping pictures of beautiful things that catches my eye.

If you have any questions, please send me an email: nina(at)stylizimo(dot)com
Thanks for stopping by!