So how is it going with the Christmas presents? Have you started yet? I thought I would give you a new idea on a gift you can make yourself. If you have scrabble tiles, a frame and some stamps you can easily make something like this.

If you don’t have stamps and scrabble tiles, you can write a nice quote on your computer in a pretty font. 
You can see my first Christmas gift idea here.
Wish you a lovely weekend! Any plans?
Images: Nina Holst

I’m dreaming of a white, bright and spacious kitchen with an island…
A mix of modern, country and the industrial style. A mix of these…
How does your dream kitchen look like?
Are you happy with the one you have?
You can find more inspiration on kitchens here.
Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I mentioned that posters are a very hot trend these days, so today I would like to give you some ideas on some cool posters that are out there..
Bathtime and Breakfast in Bed

Do you see any you like?
I like them all, but the first four are my favorites.
( Every poster are linked to the page you can buy it btw. ) 

If you have some skills on for example Photoshop, you can easily make something similar yourself. Use your imaginations. 

Images: Not on the High Street

Want to get some cool inspiration?
Let’s guide us though this fantastic apartment in Sweden, shall we?
 Let’s start with this amazing entrance – what a smashing and welcoming hallway!
And what a funny print; “Yellow is the new black” – I love it!
 Look at this fresh, light and colorful kitchen. A good example on that you can have a colorful room although you have a white kitchen – It’s all in the details. Posters are super hot these days, and they are a perfect way to add colors to your wall. ( easy to change when you get bored too )
Chalkboards have been popular for a while now, but I still think they’re cool. If you have children, is this a great way to keep track of everything that are happening throughout the week.
I love the size of this kitchen, and the transparent furniture give the illusion of even more space. You can never get enough space, right?
Have you notice the black floor? It makes a wonderful contrast against the white walls.
Home sweet home. Yes, I would enjoy sitting in front of that fireplace – what a jewellery! 
“God morgon” is Swedish and means “Good morning”. Cute idea in a cute bedroom. 
 Do you see anything inn this apartment that you like?
I hope it gave you some inspiration, because it sure did to me.
Images: Alvhem

Hello friends and hello Monday! How did the weekend treat you? I never went to that canyon that I talked about, but I went Christmas shopping instead – which is so much more fun than working out! I almost finished all my presents in one weekend! How great is that?
Have you started yet? You can actually start right know, because today I have 12 different ideas on Christmas decoration and gifts that you can make yourself.
If you don’t have time, or just don’t feel like making your own Christmas decoration, you can buy everything you see above on Not on the High Street.
Do you usually make some of your own Christmas decoration or/and gifts?
Wish you a great new week!