I use my silver plate all year around for table decorations, just changing the look of it every now and then. And even though I know it’s not December yet, I just couldn’t wait any longer! I had to make a Christmas theme on my silver plate, and I think it’s so nice to finally get some Christmas decorations in our apartment.
 As you can see in the background, I have also decorated my ladder with a light garland and an artificial spruce-garland.
Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? 
 Thanksgiving was great by the way. I´ll show you some pictures during the weekend.
Wish you all a lovely Friday!
Images: Nina Holst

Hello everybody! How are you?
Today I have to share this festive apartment with tons of ideas to steal!

Notice the:
Marimekko towels.
The lovely kitchen.
Cosy fireplace.
The coffee table looks like concrete – very cool!
The Eames DSW dining chairs are of course gorgeous.
Nice, long dining table.
 Great contrasts between the white walls and the dark beams.
Love the beams!
 Imagine sitting in the woods like this when you are working? Great idea!
Cool grass rug.
High ceiling, light and airy – great combination!
Cool kitchen.
A very stylish bathroom with pretty Missoni towels.
Fantastic windows.
Lovely table.
The stair-shaped wall is amazing!
Notice the beautiful decoration over the bed.
White, white, white – always a winner!
♡  This stairs is a “knockout” – so beautiful!
This apartment isn’t typically “me”, but I see so many things that I like about it anyway!
Do you see anything to like?

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I will be very happy if you do 🙂

Images: Stadshem

On Friday I was a guest blogger on the lovely blog Heart Handmade. Claire wanted me to share some ideas on how I make my mood boards, so I gave a few tips. I want to share them with you as well, so here is my Christmas mood board and some few tips on how you can make your own…
There are no rules of course on how you can make a mood board. Many prefer to have them on the wall where they collect all the inspiring things / pictures they find over the years, or you can for example collect your inspirational finds in a book. It’s up to you!
What I like to do when I need to find inspiration, is to make a mood board on my dining table and take pictures of them. (This way I can practice on my photography as well)
I like them to have a colour theme, so the first thing I do is to find everything that I have in the colours that I want to make a mood board out of, and I place them around a frame that I make out paper.
Sometimes I paint or make drawings that I add to the mood board if I feel that something is missing.
Just try to think of everything that you can use to make the result you want. Get creative!
You can see two of my earlier mood boards here and here.

Do you like making mood boards / inspirational boards?

Images: Nina Holst

Bloomingville is a brand that always has a lot of beautiful decoration, and the same goes for their Christmas collection…
Which colors are you going to decorate with this Christmas?

Wish you all lovely start of the week.

Images: Bloomingville / Collage by me.

Pinecones are perfect for decoration in the wintertime. There are many ways to use them, and here I show you one of them. I have some other ideas that I will share with you later…
My Saturday tips: 
Bring nature into your home to make it more cosy and to prepare for Christmas!
Twigs, pinecones, driftwood, moss etc.
Get wild!
Have you prepared anything for Christmas yet – gifts, decorations?
I know it’s just November, but some of you probably like to start early, right?
If you want Christmas inspiration, you can find more here.
Images: Nina Holst