How is it going with your Christmas shopping so far? I was walking around in Oslo yesterday trying to buy the last presents, but I was not able to completely finish… The last ones are always the toughest ones, don´t you agree?
Anyway, I´ve started to wrap the presents that I´ve already bought, and this is how they look like this year. I bought the paper and the twine at Ikea, the tags are from USA, and the “TOO” and  “FROM” text is made on my Dymo machine.
What do you think?
How do you wrap your gifts this year?

Have a wonderful new week everyone!

Images: Nina Holst

I have made a little Advent-moodboard for you this Sunday. For me advent is purple, so I put together some purple paper, and some other things that reminds me of Advent…
How do you decorate during Advent? Do you use other colors than for Christmas?
Wish you a lovely 3rd of Advent!
Images: Nina Holst

I have now registered my blog at Bloggurat.

How cute isn’t the Christmas collection from Sia this year? Traditional but with elements of modern. The combination of red and white is always a classic and cosy way to decorate for Christmas.
 I especially like their textiles with the deer on, and all the lovely decorations on the tree.
I also love the heart where you can put name tags on – great idea!
Notice the cute heart to the right. This shouldn’t be that difficult to make yourself if you want a little DIY project.
What do you think of this collection?
It´s so great to be back in Norway again by the way – lovely to see some snow!
Today I´m going to bake with some friend that I haven´t seen for a long time. I´m really looking forward to that! What are your plans?
Images: Sia

I’m very happy that so many of you have already signed up for my giveaway! And I’m very glad to see a lot of new members on the community as well. I hope you will find a lot of inspiration from all the wonderful homes that are shared there.
  Today I have a little tips on how you can pimp up your glass-vases or bowls for Christmas.
This is very easy, so everybody can do this…
Have you made anything similar this year?
If you have, I would love if you took the time to upload some pictures of it on, so I can see.
 By the way! I have uploaded some BEFORE photos of the apartment that we will rent in Oslo, Norway under my profile on If you want to see, you can find them here.
Images: Nina Holst

I have showed you a lot of ways to use jars in earlier post, and I here you have two more. Since it’s Christmas I want to show you a couple of cute ways to store your Christmas cookies or your tea lights.
On the jar that contains cookies, I’ve attached lace sticky tape and some twine with a tag that says “eat”.
The jars are from Ikea, but I suppose you can get similar ones other places as well.
The other jar is filled with tea lights. Christmas is a time where we usually burn a lot of candles, and it’s nice to have it easily accessible in the living room or the kitchen. On this one I used the Dymo machine and marked it with ” Tea Lights”.
I took these pictures this weekend, and I can promise you that the jar is no longer full. We have to empty it before we move you know. *smile*
What do you fill your jars with this Christmas?

If you want to see my other ideas on how you can use a jar, you can see here, here and here.

Thank you all for your warm wishes on my post yesterday! I’m flattered by all your nice comments.
Have a wonderful day!

Images: Nina Holst