Wishing you a peaceful Saturday with these inspirational photos from Camel & Jack. I hope you will find time this weekend to relax and enjoy it with good friends or family.
I just realised that I´ve forgot these on my wishlist – I LOVE these deers.
 This “candle in a jar” is a simple, but very decorative way to welcome your guests.
What do you welcome your guest with?
Reminding you that I will choose the winner of the giveaway on the 20th of Dec. 
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Happy Saturday!
Images: Camel & Jack

I`ve put together a list of some of the things that I wish for Christmas. I know some of them are too expensive to wish for, but who knows, maybe Santa is rich this year *smile*
Even though it´s nice to get what you wish for, I also hope that I get some presents that surprise me. I always love it when someone who knows me have found that special gift I did not think of, but is just perfect. It is also much more fun finding those special presents for people you love – if only I got started in July instead of December *smile*

Do you find time to enjoy the Christmas shopping?

Images: Retailers / Collage: Nina Holst

I have to share this wonderful Christmas tree that “irideeen” has uploaded on Stylizimo.com. This tree is very pretty, don´t you think? I just love the natural feel of it and the lovely colors she has used. And those birds and deers on the tree are so cute!
When do you normally decorate your tree?

If you want to see other photos from “irideeen´s” Stylizimo profile, you can click here.
You can also visit her lovely blog here.

Thank you “irideeen” for uploading and inspiring us!

Images: Stylizimo.com / “Irideen”

Look at this stylish apartment! It´s not very big, but the space is very well used and every corner have lots of character…
 The kitchen island made of bricks gives the whole room a lift, don´t you think?
This island makes a great centrepiece!
Looks easy to build yourself too 🙂
The little “built-in” bedroom speaks for itself – great idea!
Small, but wonderful!

This is such an adorable living room. Simple – yet lots of details to love.

The bathroom really fits the rest of the apartment, with its clean and modern look.

What do you think of this apartment? Do you see anything you like?
I think there´s a lot of decoration tips to steal from this lovely apartment. It demonstrates that you can make a home with a lot of character, even though you have a small apartment.

Images: Alvhem

Not everybody likes to decorate for Christmas in a traditional way, and I think that it´s interesting and inspiring to see other ways people decorate their Christmas home.
This home is a good example how you can decorate it modern, but still have it cosy and Christmasy…. I love it! 
You might think that the Christmas tree looks a bit “skinny”, but this look is very trendy here in Scandinavia this year, and so is the sink bucket. What do you think about this tree?
Their dining table is gorgeous with its natural look. I would really enjoy sitting by that beautiful table.
 This house is fabulous on the outside as well. With easy decorations like this, you have something to welcome you guests. 
What to you think about this kind of Christmas decoration? Is it too modern for you?