Let´s have a peek at the spring collection 2011 from H&M! 
Isn´t it great that we are heading towards spring? *smile*

This is just a small selection of what they offer, but if you want to view their whole spring collection, you can see it here.
( H&M home collection is only available these countries. )

What do you think?

Images: H&M

Since I´m moving soon, I think a lot about how I will decorate our living room. There are thousands of ways to decorate a living room, and many different styles.
Here you have 10 living rooms that are very pretty, but very different as well.
 Which living room do YOU see yourself live in?
Although I like many of these living rooms , my favorites are the “Natural” and the “Relaxed” and the “Modern”one. 
Later I will show you some thoughts around how I will decorate in our new apartment. Planning is almost as fun as decorating *smile*.

I love getting inspired by other homes, and this home give lots of inspiration I think!

I ♡  the white floors.
I ♡  all the white in the kitchen.
I ♡  lamp pendants.
I ♡  the contrasts.
I ♡  the delicate living room.
I ♡  the old chair.
I ♡  the beige color on the walls.
I ♡  the white lamp.
I the windows.
I ♡  prints on the wall
I ♡  blue bed with the lovely pillows
I ♡  shoe closet
I ♡  the stylish home office
I ♡  moodboards
I ♡  the desk
Do you find it inspiring to look at other apartments as well? Did you see anything you liked in this one?
If you want to get inspired by more “real homes”, you can visit Stylizimo.com.
 Images: Alvhem

Hello everybody! How is your Christmas so far? Did any of your wishes come true this year? 
I got a KitchenAid mixer and a lot of other nice presents that I wished for, so I´am very, very happy! I´m now enjoying lazy days at my mom´s place – knitting and eating candy(!)

I can´t wait to move into the new apartment in Oslo the 6th of January. It feels like a very long time to wait, but I hope time flies fast. I really don´t appreciate to live out of suitcases!!
Today´s inspiration is from Green Gate. I think their collection is perfect for both Christmas and for everyday use – very cosy and cute.

Thank you so much for all your Christmas greetings on my previous post. I truly appreciate all your sweet comments.
Enjoy good days!

Images: Green Gate / Collage: Nina Holst

Christmas eve is getting closer and I hope all of you have everything under control. I have a couple of presents left, but hopefully I will be done today so I have time to relax and enjoy this lovely time of the year.
 My good friend Cecilie from “Cecilie´s Lykke” and I had a great time baking different sweets for Christmas last Saturday, and I thought I could show you some pictures. Her home is very beautiful and cosy, so we had the perfect surroundings when we baked…
With these pictures 
I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! 
A few days early, but I don´t want to spend my last days before Christmas in front of my computer, and neither should you. This is a time we should spend with family and good friends.
 ( me )

I hope all your wishes will be fulfilled, and that you have a cheerful Christmas.

I look forward to read your blogs and see what you all got from Santa this year 🙂
 Images: Cecilie and me