What color do you decorate with now that you have removed your Christmas decorations?
I find it hard to choose which colors I want in the living room, and I usually go with a white and grey base, as it makes it easier for me to add some color.
I saw these pictures over at Stadshem, and liked the idea of using pink and purple together like this. I´m not sure my fiancé likes it as much as me though *smile*
Cute, right?
 See how only a touch of pink softens the hard contrast between black and white.
Do you think you will let pink into your home this winter/spring?
I think I might do – if I can persuade my second half  *smile*

Click here, if you want to see other pink rooms.

Images: Stadshem

I got inspired by all you creative knitters out there, so this Christmas I´ve knitted a pillow cover for our new apartment. I bought myself some huge knitting needles in bamboo and some thick grey yarn.
I haven´t finished it yet, so this is just a peek of how the pillow looks like. This is the first time I have used this technique, so I have to say that I´m very happy with the result so far.
If you know what this technique is called in English, please let me know.
 Do you knit? Are you having any projects going on?

I found knitting very relaxing, and it´s a perfect way to not eat too much candy(!), since your hands are busy *smile*

If you want to see other DIY projects I´ve done, you can see them here 
You can also find a lot of DIY at Stylizimo.com.

Images: Nina Holst

I always get happy when I see a new collection from Bloomingville. Their products are always delightful, and so are their photos.

Let me present Bloomingville Spring/Summer 2011!

As you can see they have a lot of pastels, driftwood, baskets and industrial look in their new collection. I think it looks great when you mix them all together. Their style is very feminine and delicate.
What do you think of their new collection? Do you see anything that you like?

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Images: Bloomingvillle

Do you think about the details in your bathroom? I have to admit that this is a room I often forget, even here on my blog. But today I found these wonderful products on the website Bolina that I thought I could share with you.
  I love the natural look of these products.
Do you buy special soaps or other details that makes your bathroom prettier?

The Norwegian store “Bolina” has a lot of other lovely decoration and furniture as well, so if you want to view more, you can visit their homepage here (Norwegian text)

Images: Bolina

In July 2010 we moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles. Yesterday, I was looking at some of the pictures that I´ve taken while we lived there, and it made me realise that I´ve changed the colors quite often.

When we moved into this apartment in July I decorated the living room in turquoise and white. When I look at the pictures again now, I like the delicate and fresh look these two colors give. LA is very hot in the summer, and it´s nice to have colors that cools it all down.

 After a couple of months I got tired of the turquoise, and changed it to beige. This color also fit well with white, and it gave the living room a touch of autumn – just what I wanted.

Late autumn I needed a color change again, and this time I added purple and grey to all the white. Simply by changing some pillow covers and adding flowers to the candles, the livingroom got a new look.

In Nov/Des. I needed a change again, and this time I decorated the living room in black, white and grey. Even though these are cool colors, I think the depth of the dark colors give a cosiness together with wooden details and lots of candles.
I think this is the look that I want to start off with when we move into our new apartment in Norway in January.

If you want to see more of our home in LA, you can see it here and at my Stylizimo profile here.

Do you change the look of your living room often?

All images are taken by me.