I´ve dreamed of this coffee machine for a while now, and since I got some money for Christmas, I´m now a happy owner of a Nespresso CitiZ & milk d120.
I love the design of it – it´s so cool!
Do you have a Nespresso, and are you happy with it?
Any favorites among their capsules?

 Thank you so much for all your greetings yesterday.
Happy weekend everybody!

Today I´m moving into the apartment that we are renting,  and this is how it looks…!
  We still haven´t got the furniture that we have shipped from Los Angeles, and we still haven´t find a new sofa, so the apartment will stay a bit empty in the beginning.
We are renting it unfurnished, so this is not our stuff. We are keeping most of the furniture that we had i Los Angeles.
I´m excited anyway! I´ll be able to measure and plan how we are going to have it until our stuff will arrive.

You can find more photos of our home in LA here.

Thank you for all your comments lately. I´m not able to visit you all back, but I´m very grateful that you take time out of your busy life to visit my blog and leaving me comments.
Have a nice day everybody – I know I will! *smile*

“Inspired by the golden nights of the old Persia, lazy summer days floating away, tales of 1001 night, and the wonderful items found in a Sheikh´s palace; this collection invites you into a unique world of everyday luxury.”
Here you have some Lisbeth Dahl´s spring/summer collection 2011.
“From elegant to cozy, from feminine to fun, this collection contains as varied items as handmade charming furnitures in willow and bamboo, uniquely designed candlesticks, delicious cake stands, charismatic jewellery, gold printed scarves, fashionista straw hats, and many many more items carefully designed to make your home even more personal and unique”
– Lisbeth Dahl
The first picture makes me long for summer. It looks very delightful.
What do you think of their collection?
You can see more here.
Images: Lisbeth Dahl

We have to wait a couple of months before Tine K´s spring collection is available in the stores, but they have published this picture so we can get an idea of what we can expect. 
I love the delicate and soft colors!
What do you think of the few items and colors that you see here from their spring collection? 
I can´t wait – I want it NOW!

Image: Tine K

Empty white walls can sometimes seem difficult to decorate. What can we possibly fill our walls with except for paintings and prints? Since I´m moving into a new apartment now, I have given this some thought and found 5 ideas that I hope you find useful…
I can feel that I am both excited and dreaded to move into a new apartment. Moving into an empty and white apartment often makes it difficult to imagine how it can be. The thing is that I´ve only seen pictures of the apartment on the Internet, and I have no idea how everything looks. I find it very difficult to plan in advance, because I have no feeling of how the rooms are size-wise and wide-angle camera only get me confused. 
Anyway, it will be fun to bring you along when I decorate our new home. Hopefully, we will get our furniture that are shipped on a boat in time for our moving on Thursday. Otherwise it will be very empty in the beginning *smile*