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After beeing ten days in sunny California, I´m now longing for spring even more when I´m back home in Norway. We have over a meter with snow outside our house and it´s freezing cold, so the only thing that says spring is on its way is the sunshine and more hours with daylight. I love how the sunshine is finding its way into the living room and makes the room brighter again. Thankfully we are heading towards a lovely season…

Sunshine and flowers
photos © Nina Holst

Modernism week in Palm Springs

I´m now back after a very inspiring and nice trip to California. It was lovely to get away from winter for a few days and taste the sun and warmth for a little while…

One of the main reasons I went on this trip was to attend the Modernism Week in Palm Springs. This event has been on my wishlist for a long time now, and when my friend Melissa asked if I wanted to join her, I had no doubt.

For those of you who don´t know; Modernism Week’s is an annual celebration of midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture. This exciting festival takes place in February in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. Modernism Week features more than 350 events including the Modernism Show & Sale, Signature Home Tours, films, lectures, Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus Tours, nightly parties and live music, walking and bike tours, tours of Sunnylands, fashion, classic cars, modern garden tours, a vintage travel trailer exhibition, and more.

We went to a lot of different events but one of my favorite was the Palm Springs Door Tour. On this tour we could explore the colorful and unique doors of the Indian Canyons neighborhood, but then also see all the lovely houses that had these doors. Here are some of the doors that we saw on our tour.

The most famous and photographed door in Palm Springs  – “That pink door”. If you haven´t seen this door, you haven´t been to Palm Springs they say… : )

Posing in front of the doors is mandatory… haha.

photos © Nina Holst and Melissa Hegge

Our first stop in California is the amazingly charming Joshua Tree Casita that we have rented for a couple of nights trough Airbnb. My heart started singing the second we entered the door into this place. This cottage in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree is the perfect little place to get some peace and quite. It´s also very inspiring with all its lovely details both inside and outside. I can truly recommend this place if you are in search for a unique and peaceful adventure in the LA area. It´s a 2,5-3 hours drive from LAX.

I have been sharing a lot of videos with you on my Instagram stories, but here are some photos from the “casita” we have been spending our last 2 days. Today we are heading to Palm Springs and Modernism Week – that´s going to be very exciting as well!

My bedroom at the casita.

Kitchen details

Magical scenery outside the cottage.

photos © Nina Holst

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Since I´m in California and my husband is home in Norway, there won´t be any Valentines celebration this year. But we had our wedding anniversary 4 days ago so we celebrated then. It´s crazy how fast time flies, I just can´t belive it´s one year since we got married already. It feels like yesterday…

Anyway, let me share some photos from the wedding table I sat for our small wedding. Maybe you get some ideas for your Valentines table setting.

photo © Nina Holst

California next

I´m soon saying goodbye to all the snow and hello to warmth and sunshine, because in a few hours I´m on my way to Palm Springs, California! I´m attending the Modernism Week (that has been on my wish-list for many years now) with my friends Melissa behind the blog Ideas to Steal and Allan behind the Danish blog Bungalow5. You can read more about Modernism Week here.

Actually, before we are attending the event in Palm Springs, Melissa and I are going to stay a couple of nights in a very nice cottage in Joshua Tree and explore the wilderness in the desert. It´s going to be so exhiting!

You can follow our adventures on my Instagram and Instagram Stories if you want…

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!


photo © Nina Holst