Stylizimo in Nude Home Magazine

The Iceland Nude Home Magazine published their Holiday issue this weekend. In their e-magazine you´ll find lovely Christmas inspiration as well as decoration ideas for your home. On page 40-51 you´ll also find an interview with me (if you understand Icelandic *smile*), together with some pictures from our home.

The Christmas photos are from last year´s Christmas, but I guess they won´t be that different from this year´s. I have actually found the same kind of juniper tree this year as well, almost at the same spot in the woods…Let´s call it a new tradition!

Find more inspiration as well as more photos from our home in their magazine. I hope you will enjoy it!

//Images: Nina Holst / Portrait: Anne Grete Nogva //

12 thoughts on “Stylizimo in Nude Home Magazine

  1. Kasia

    I’ll write it again – not surprised at all :)
    You’re a real inspiration provider and the pictures if your home are amazing

    Kram fra Bornholm


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