Original Coffee_Copenhagen

I bet a lot of you are going to Copenhagen this summer, and I just have to share one of my new favorite coffee places with you. Make sure to check out the renovated Original Coffee on the Illum Rooftop! The place looks super cool, they have great coffee and it has a fantastic view – I mean, what more can you ask for? ; )

The new food court up here is also great, and is a nice place to have lunch or dinner.

Original Coffee_rooftop cafe

As a big fan of Louis Poulsen, I´m also happy to say that the café is full of their lamps. And all the beautiful chairs are from Gubi. A big thumbs up!

Roof top_Copenhagen

Sitting up here overlooking Amagertorv in the sun is pretty amazing.


Original Coffee_Louis Poulsen

Images: Nina Holst

Vipp shelter outside

Ever since the Vipp shelter was launched, I´ve I had a crush on it. But after being invited to the shelter by Vipp and be able to see it in real life ( see my Instagram photos here ), I´ve gone from a crush to being in LOVE! I have to say that the weather was amazing when we visited the shelter this Monday, but I´m sure all kinds of weather is beautiful when staying at the Vipp shelter. With all the glass you get the feeling of living out in nature and there is something magical and very calming being in one with nature, no matter what the weather is like.


Actually, the starting point of the Vipp shelter is going back to basics; back to nature in a dense, compact space wrapped in the Vipp DNA. The landscape is purposely framed, turning it into the predominant element of the interior space. Each piece of interior and its dominant dark tones are carefully selected in order to keep focus on nature. The sliding window frames accentuate the sensation of living in nature by blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor space.


Here you can sleep under the stars…


Everything you see in the shelter is Vipp, and it is all inclusive! The kitchen, the bathroom, the daybed, the lamps, the shelves, the towels, the toilet brush, the bedsheets…and the list continues.

The Vipp shelter is delivered fully equipped for a complete design experience and an easy escape.

shelter-daybed-vipp-ipad vipp-shelter-8

See their video to see more of this amazing shelter and to hear their story..

It´s amazing, right? I would love to have a Vipp shelter one day!

My trip to the Vipp shelter was covered by Vipp / All images and the video is by Vipp

Domo sideboard_stylizimo

When I was in Gothenburg ( read my guide here) , I bought some new pictures that are now finally up over our sideboard in the living room. With the new pictures, I also did some rearranging in our shelf and I really like how it turned out in this corner with all the books etc. A new favorite book though is The Design Hotels Book. I actually visited ( just for a look or a drink on their roof top bar  ; ) ) a few of the featured design hotels located in Barcelona when we were there on holiday last weekend. The book is full of stylish hotels and I hope to see more of them in real life in the future.

The design Hotels book

Good news! If you like my Domo sideboard, Room 21 have 15% off on this shelf and many other Domo products these days ( affiliate link ). They have a lot of nice products I think!

Domo shelf_stylizimo

Images: Nina Holst


Along with June came summer, and the last few days have been amazing! It´s fantastic to finally enjoy the terrace that we spent so much time on building last year. My only terrace-project this summer is to make some pillows for the benches that we made and to buy some more flowers.


The glass railing in the front is now also finally up, and the terrace feels complete.


Images: Nina Holst


As a big Hans J. Wegner fan, I´m happy to tell you that Carl Hansen & Son will mark the reintroduction of the beautiful CH22 lounge chair on 3 June with 
a signed special edition of the organically shaped chair in soap-treated oak. The design was actually the first product of Hans J. Wegner and Carl Hansen & Son’s long-standing collaboration.

If you want this unique and signed special edition Wegner chair, it will only be possible to order it on the official 3 June launch date. The chair will then be engraved with Wegner’s signature and the reissue date and arrive with a certificate of authenticity from Carl Hansen & Son. How cool is that?

Find dealers and prices on Carl Hansen & Son´s website


Images: Carl Hansen & Son