Since it´s a rainy Sunday, we started our day with a long breakfast with freshly baked bread and coffee. Gotta make the best out of it, right?


Image: Nina Holst


Pink flowers in vase

An easy way to bring some color into the home is by using colorful flowers like I´ve done here. Then you can have a new color theme in the living room each week : ) It´s also fun to mix different kinds of flowers together I think –  I just love the mix of pink I have here ( put together by myself.. ).

Happy pink Friday from me!

Pink peonies in vase

Images: Nina Holst


Midsummer_head wreath

Tonight I´m off to meet some friends and celebrate midsummer, and in that occasion I´ve made myself a midsummer head wreath. Here is a little tutorial for you in case you want to make something similar. It´s very easy, and done is a few ; )

DIY midsummer wreath


  • Hair band
  • Scissors
  • Thin green wire ( silver or gold is nice to if you have.. )
  • Flowers ( I used white Gypsophila paniculata / “Brudeslør” and eucalyptus  )

DIY_flower wreath midsummer

1. Start with the eucalyptus, and twirl it around the hair band. Use wire at the ends to hold it on place.

Midsummer wreath

2. Use your scissors to cut the flowers in small pieces, so you can make small bouquets.

White flower wreath_hair

3. Start at one of the ends, and lay small bouquets of flowers in the same direction while you use the wire to hold them all in place.

Spray the flower wreath with some water and and put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator until you are going to use it ( so it stay fresh ).

You can see the midsummer head wreath I made last year here.



Images: Nina Holst


Cloudy_Stylizimo shop

Let me introduce you to my new Cloudy pot, as I got some questions about if on Instagram when I showed this picture. The Cloudy pot is designed by Swedish designer, blogger and TV-star Hanna Wessman, and for me it was love at first sight when I saw it in Gothenburg a little while ago. I also like the fact that it´s possible to have it both outdoor and indoor, and I´m thinking of investing in some big ones for my terrace ( you might remember that I had it in my latest inspiration collage ?)

Anyway, I´m happy to say that the Cloudy pots now are available in Stylizimo Shop, and we have them in this dark grey, green and white in different sizes.


Image: Nina Holst

Aesop Homansbyen Norway 14

Yesterday Aesop opened up a new Snøhetta-designed signature store at Majorstuen in Oslo, and it looks fantastic. This is actually the sixth Aesop signature store created in collaboration with Snøhetta, and although they look very different, they all look amazing!

The new store in Oslo is situated on the ground floor of a functionalism 1940s apartment building. The 63-square meter interior draws inspiration from original details and materials, imagining them anew. The use of oak and brass details on the sink certainly creates a warm and calm atmosphere in the store.

Absolutely worth a visit next time in Oslo.

Aesop Homansbyen Norway 9

Images: Stephen Citrone for Snøhetta/Aesop