Table setting sushi


Yesterday I had a friend over for dinner, and sushi was on the menu. Since sushi is such colorful food, I chose to set a very simple table with no color, so the food would “pop” on the table and be the centre of attraction. I forgot to take pictures after I sat all the food on the table, but here you see some photos of how the table setting looked like. Maybe it can give you some ideas for your next sushi dinner.

Table setting sushi

Underneath you see the appetizer.. Yummy!

Table setting sushi
photos © Nina Holst

Flowers from the garden


The weekend is here and every Friday I need some fresh flowers in the house. I went to tree different flower shops, but I didn´t find anything that I wanted, so I ended up picking some flowers from the garden instead, and I think the weekend bouquet turned out very nice. Best of all; I didn´t have to spend any money on it!

Happy weekend everyone!

Flowers from the garden
photos © Nina Holst



Warm grey kitchen

I mentioned warm grey colors in yesterday´s blogpost that was about Jotun Lady Color Chart 2017, and these images from Oscar Properties are showing how beautiful it looks with warm greys in different rooms. Not only on walls, but on windows, mouldings and kitchens as well.

Warm grey looks amazing together with beige and wood as you can see, but l also love the dusty green and blue they have used on the sofa and on the bed ( in the last photo ) to add a hint of color for a more interesting and personal look. Notice even how nice it looks with the purple flowers and the orange pillow in the image below. I like it!

Warm grey living roomWarm grey kitchen

This kitchen looks amazing, right?

What do you think of warm greys? Is it something you could have in your home?

Warm grey bedroom
photos © Oscar Properties


Jotun Lady


It´s always exciting when Jotun Lady is launching a new color chart, because they always manage to come up with the most beautiful colors. This year was no exception of course, and after the press launch I got so inspired that I now want to paint everything in the house in a new color ( yes, I´m even considering replacing the perfect grey that I recently painted in our living room. )

Jotun Lady´s new color chart Lady Home Living reflects a wide range of colors and styles, inspired by cultures and ideas from all continents. The result is three beautiful color palettes; Nordic Living, Urban Living and Continental Living.

It may not come as a surprise, but the Nordic Living palette is the one that appeals to me the most when it comes to colors for our own home. I agree that they aren´t the most colorful ones in the new color chart, but they have a softness and a warmth that I really like.

There is no doubt that we are moving towards warmer colors these days, and although I usually prefer cold colors, I can feel that I´m currently drawn towards the warmer ones. Maybe it´s because of the season we are in, or maybe I´m just tired of all the black, white and grey that is everywhere – anyway, I´m ready for something new. Are you?

Jotun Lady 10683 Cashmere

This kitchen used to have white walls, but with the new beautiful LADY 10683 Cashmere on the wall, it looks a lot more interesting I think.

Jotun LADY 1352 Form

My absolute favorite is the LADY 1352 Form ( above ). It makes the perfect warm and cosy atmosphere that I´m looking for ( without being too warm ), and it looks great with black, white and different kinds of wood that I already have a lot of in the house.

 Jotun LADY 10679 Washed linen

Another one that is really nice is the LADY 10679 Washed linen, here painted with LADY Minerals – soft and delicate.

Together with the new color chart, Jotun Lady also launched a digital color chart. Absolutely worth to check out for inspiration and planning.

photos © 1: Nina Holst //  2-4: Jotun / LADY





// Annonse

Vinn gavekort trademax

Her kommer den perfekte muligheten til å gjøre oppgraderinger i hjemmet ditt! Trademax gir deg nemlig nå muligheten til å vinne gavekort på 5000 kroner, og hvis du tar en titt ut nettsiden så ser du raskt at de har et stort utvalg du kan bruke dette gavekortet på. Ta for eksempel en titt på utvalget av sofaer eller senger.

For å delta i konkurransen trenger du bare å svare på disse spørsmålene i kommentarfeltet. En vinner vil bli trukket etter 10 dager.

1) Hvilket år ble Trademax etablert?
2) Skriv kort hvilket møbel kunne du tenke fra Trademax og hvorfor.

Lykke til!

Konkurransen pågår til og med den 15-09-16 kl 17.00, og er kun for Norge. En vinner kåres av Trademax og beslutningen er endelig. 

Den heldige vinneren av en gavekort på 5000,- er Regine Engevik Førsund. Gratulerer så mye!
Takk til alle som deltok i konkurransen.