100% Norway Dare To Designstudio

100% Norway is opening its doors for the thirteenth time at the London Design Fair today. I was planning on visiting this year, but with too much work I´ve decided to stay home working instead.

Curator Max Fraser has brought together 17 Norwegian designers and studios whose work engages with the contemporary design story of Norway, and I´m very proud to say that one of them is the Trondheim-based studio Dare to Designstudio, founded by interior designers Anniken Zahl Furunes and Hege Magreth Åbelvold. They exhibit their flexible, modular wooden storage system ORGANIZE that I´ve written about a few times on my blog already.

Andreas Engesvik will also be there to exhibit IDA ( photo below) – a prototype of a sustainable steel-framed dining chair that can be easily reupholstered and repainted, extending its lifespan over many years.

You can check out all the products that will be exhibited at 100% Norway´s website. There are many interesting designs to look at!

100% Norway Andreas Engesvik IDA
photos via 100% Norway

Palet Storage Jars Holmegaard
photo © Holmegaard


After being at a lot of press launches + Oslo Design Fair this fall, I have seen many nice new products. I have already mentioned a few, but here are five more products that I want to share with you.

1.  Holmegaard has always something beautiful to offer, and I  really like the new Palet storage jars in grey. Nice storage jars is always needed, right?

Dome vases Kristina Dam
photo © Kristina Dam

2. The beautiful stoneware Dome vases by Kristina Dam can carry your favorite flowers or branches, or just be nice sculptures on the table or shelf. On my wishlist for sure!

Poppy Northern Lighting
photo © Northern Lighting

3. A field of tall poppies inspired this series of outdoor oil lamp by Northern Lighting called Poppy. It´s made in two versions: a sleek oil container with a conical crown and a globe-like model topped with a rounded collar. Poppy is available as a table lamp, a floor lamp or a lawn light that attaches to the ground with a pin. Perfect, if you ask me!

Rosendahl Wine ball
photo © Rosendahl

4. Good wine needs the right accessories to enjoy the experience fully. Rosendahl has therefore in collaboration with the architect and designer Eva Harlou created the Wine ball. A modern, playful and super functional new design, which combines a handy corkscrew, foil cutter, wine cork and bottle opener. Christmas gift idea?

Ultima Thule iittala
photo © iittala

5. The Ultima Thule by iittala series was first launched in 1968, and is inspired by winter and the melting Arctic ice in Lapland. Shortly after Ultima Thule was launched Finnair began to use their glass on their Helsinki – New York route. Ultima Thule quickly gained a place in Finnish hearts as an international classic and became known as Finnair’s business class glass.

The glasses are now available for sale again, which also means that you can once again enjoy them if you are travelling business class with Finnair ; )

Any of the new products that you like?

Jotun Lady Washed Linen


As I told you in my previous blogpost, I painted two rooms this weekend ( yes, I´m very productive, when I´m home alone for a couple of days.. he he ). Additionally to our hallway, I also painted the kitchen. As you might know, we have black kitchen units and I chose white walls in the beginning because I was afraid the room would get too dark. But now I was ready for something different and more cosy, so I chose the wonderful LADY 10679 Washed Linen – a warm grey-beige tone that happened to be a perfect match for our black kitchen.

Here you have a little sneak peek of the new color in our dining area in the kitchen.. I haven´t gotten anything up on the walls yet, as I´m actually considering some changes from before there as well. Anyway, I´ll show you more photos of our “new” kitchen soon, because I have some other changes to show you in the opposite side of the room.

Jotun Lady Washed Linen
photos © Nina Holst

Jotun Lady Cashmere


The cat has been away this weekend, so the mouse has painted a couple of rooms while he was gone.. : ) First out was the hallway. I don´t know if you remember how it used to look like, but I wanted a change even though I still liked the previous color. I was very curious on some of the colors in LADY´s new color chart, so I had to try them out.

Here I´ve painted with the LADY 10683 Cashmere – a soft and elegant ochre tone that is very warm and welcoming. The hallway became very different than from before, and I really like the change.
The good thing about paint is that you can get a completely different room just by changing the color, and it´s usually done in a day ( this room took me only four hours to mask and paint ).

What do you think, do you like my “new” hallway?

Jotun Lady Cashmere
photos © Nina Holst

// The paint is sponsored by Jotun LADY. The choice of color is my own..

Royal Copenhagen´s blue table setting


Since I usually work from home, my lunches are very basic and boring, so being invited for a 3 course lunch by Royal Copenhagen at Statholdergaarden (one of Oslo’s finest restaurants) is a pretty nice upgrade on a regular Thursday. Master chef Bent Stiansen served us the most delicious dishes in stunning environments, and Royal Copenhagen had set the table in a gorgeous blue linen tablecloth and their lovely Blue Fluted Plain, designed in 1775 and Royal Copenhagen’s first dinner service. A good example of that good design lasts a long time…

Anyway, here are some photos from yesterday´s beautiful surroundings. Maybe they can give you some ideas for your next table setting.

Royal Copenhagen´s blue table setting

Simple, but very elegant!

Royal Copenhagen´s blue table setting
photos © Nina Holst

// The lunch was sponsored by Royal Copenhagen