Summer table setting

What can be better than starting the week with having wonderful girls over for lunch on a Monday? It definitely give you a boost for the rest of the week : )

Since it´s summer I was hoping to set the table outside in the sun, but the weather was a bit unstable, so I made a summery table in our living room instead. I went for a simple white and green theme, and used white Astilbe from the garden as flowers, together with soft green linen napkins. To make a contrast I used my slate serving plates for the cutlery. I also served the salad, bread and aioli in wooden bowls to add warmth and to make it less formal. With the colorful Chicken salad I served, the table got some hints of colors as well…

Chicken salad with walnuts

Here are the ingredients in the CHICKEN SALAD I served:

  • A mix of green salad
  • Chicken fillet
  • Spinach
  • Beetroot
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Snow peas
  • Red onions
  • Pomegranate
  • Honey glazed walnuts
  • Chevre ( I had this on the side as one of the guest was pregnant )
  • Olive oil
  • Salt/Pepper

Bread and aioli on the side.

Table setting_summer

Images: Nina Holst




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Los Angeles_mapiful

Yes, I will admit it – I love travelling! And with travelling comes great memories, and one way I can both remind myself of these memories and have it look good on my wall as well is to get my favorite spots in the world printed as posters.

To get these prints made, I am using the website Mapiful that lets me easily choose any location in the world and get it printed on a poster in a variety of sizes. This time I chose, not surprisingly, Los Angeles and Barcelona. Los Angeles will forever have a special place in my heart for the fantastic 1,5 years I lived there, and since this where Stylizimo actually got started.

Los Angeles

LA poster_mapiful

As for Barcelona, I was fortunate to get a trip there this spring from my fiancé and thanks to the fantastic suggestions and tips from you readers I got to experience the city from a completely different angle. This makes Barcelona one of my favorite cities to visit, which is why I had to have a beautiful print of it on my wall. I have a feeling I don´t need many glances on this before I have my next trip booked *smile*.

Do you have a favorite city? Or maybe you have a city that you are dreaming of visiting? If so, getting a poster of it on your wall is a great reminder for you to get the dream realized. And what is even better is that you now and until the 4th of July can get 10% of your order. Just use the voucher code stylizimo10 when you shop!

Mapiful is also offering free worldwide shipping for all orders over $60, so whether you are reading this sitting in Los Angeles or Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia (thank you for visiting my blog) you can have your prints delivered – for free.

I hope you will find something you like, and if you do please share it on Instagram using the hashtag #mapiful so I can see what you have done with your map!

Mapiful_Barcelona Barcelona_mapiful

Images: Nina Holst







Since it´s a rainy Sunday, we started our day with a long breakfast with freshly baked bread and coffee. Gotta make the best out of it, right?


Image: Nina Holst


Pink flowers in vase

An easy way to bring some color into the home is by using colorful flowers like I´ve done here. Then you can have a new color theme in the living room each week : ) It´s also fun to mix different kinds of flowers together I think –  I just love the mix of pink I have here ( put together by myself.. ).

Happy pink Friday from me!

Pink peonies in vase

Images: Nina Holst


Midsummer_head wreath

Tonight I´m off to meet some friends and celebrate midsummer, and in that occasion I´ve made myself a midsummer head wreath. Here is a little tutorial for you in case you want to make something similar. It´s very easy, and done is a few ; )

DIY midsummer wreath


  • Hair band
  • Scissors
  • Thin green wire ( silver or gold is nice to if you have.. )
  • Flowers ( I used white Gypsophila paniculata / “Brudeslør” and eucalyptus  )

DIY_flower wreath midsummer

1. Start with the eucalyptus, and twirl it around the hair band. Use wire at the ends to hold it on place.

Midsummer wreath

2. Use your scissors to cut the flowers in small pieces, so you can make small bouquets.

White flower wreath_hair

3. Start at one of the ends, and lay small bouquets of flowers in the same direction while you use the wire to hold them all in place.

Spray the flower wreath with some water and and put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator until you are going to use it ( so it stay fresh ).

You can see the midsummer head wreath I made last year here.



Images: Nina Holst