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For Christmas I was lucky to get a trip to Barcelona with tickets to a Coldplay concert that´s tomorrow. So now I´m all packed and ready to explore this wonderful city ones again. I´m so excited!

I haven´t been in Barcelona for many years though, so if you have any good stores, cafés or restaurants that you think I would like, please tell me all about them. I´ve done some researching on my own, so I already have some nice places that I want to explore, but it´s always nice with recommendations.

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Images: Nina Holst


Social media is a wonderful thing in so many ways, but one of the things that I love the most is how it connects people near and far. It is fantastic how I over the years have gotten to know people all over the world sharing the same passion for interior design, and even met many on interior design events in Norway and abroad. So even though I knew the power of social media, it was a bit surprising when it got me connected to a fellow entrepreneur and interior design lover who was actually living in the same town as me.


Let me introduce you to Kine Ask Stenersen, the co-founder of the company Ask & Eng, which she has founded together her husband Kristoffer Eng. The story how the two ended up founding this company is actually a bit interesting and it shows how creative they are. It all started when they had to renovate their kitchen, and as many of us, they would like a custom made kitchen but quickly realized that it would become too expensive. But instead of settling for an IKEA kitchen, they decided to fix this themselves. So with four hands, an attention to details and an environmental focus the couple ended up designing and building their own kitchen using the unusual, environmental friendly and fantastic looking material bamboo.

Seeing how great the end result and how fun the process was, the couple wanted to offer kitchens using bamboo to other people as well and then the company Ask & Eng was born. Since then the two have perfected how bamboo can be used in furniture, and have come up with techniques to change the color of the material and also expanded to other furniture as well. For example, a bathroom sink made entirely in bamboo. Pretty cool!


So if you are looking for a kitchen or furniture that has that extraordinary finish, check out what Ask & Eng can do for you. I just love that there are people like them who follow their passion, and end up creating something exceptional.

Ask & Eng also have a very inspiring Instagram account, where you can see beautiful pictures of their home but also from their bamboo projects.


Images: Ask & Eng


It´s always a pleasure coming to Gothenburg, and I have over the years gotten a lot of favorite places to stop by when I´m in town. So let me share some of them with you, in case you are in need of some Gothenburg tips.

Let´s start with the interior shop Rum21. This is a really beautiful and inspiring shop located at Kyrkogatan 20-22. Here you will find a great selection of Scandinavian design and a taste of what they have to offer on their webshop


Vallgatan 12 (photo below) is also a must. Here you´ll find interior, food, art, fashion and flowers. I absolutely love this place and I can recommend combining the visit with both some shopping and a lunch.


Here is the wonderful Vallgatan 12´s flowershop:



Artilleriet (picture above) in Magasingatan 19 is always an adventure, and I always find something new and unique for my home here. While you are here, don´t forget to visit their other store The Kitchen as well. As you can see from the picture below, they have a lot of nice stuff for the kitchen too. This shop is so beautiful, that it´s worth visiting just to get inspired.

If you are going to Gothenburg before the 29th of October, I also recommend you to stop by the unique exhibition Artilleriet Studio.

The Kitchen

In the same neighbourhood as Artilleriet, you will find a lot of other nice places to visit. Floramor & Krukatös is a wonderful flowershop that is absolutely worth a visit, and da Matteo is always a great idea for a good coffee or something to eat.

Floramor & Krukatos

Grandpa is also in this same area, and have both interior and fashion for men and women. They have a lot of nice books too.


Haga is a charming area that I usually like to visit when I´m in Gothenburg. Here I like to visit the interior shop Market 29 (photo below and Haga Hem ( both in Haga Nygata ).

Market 29

My favorite café in Gothenburg is Kafé Magasinet. A café and bar with a relaxed atmosphere in the Långgatorna neighbourhood, not far from Haga ( it´s a lot of nice restaurants in this neighbourhood as well )

Kafe Magasinet_GothenburgGranit

When in Gothenburg I always stop by the Granit store that you find in the charming “Victoriapassagen” ( Vallgatan 19). There is also a small but very nice da Matteo café here as well.

Another favorite and a must visit when in Gothenburg is The Garden Society of Gothenburg. This place is stunning and a perfect place to relax and enjoy green surroundings.

the Garden Society of Gothenburg

Gothenburg has a lot of nice hotels, but the last couple of times I´ve stayed at the Scandic Rubinen. I really like their new chic rooms, and both the Roof top bar, and the Ruby restaurant & bar are worth a visit either whether you´re a guest at the hotel or not.

Scandic Rubinen

The fabulous Ruby restaurant & bar:


I hope this has given you a few ideas for your next visit to Gothenburg. Maybe you have some favorites you want to share with me?


Images: Nina Holst

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Gudy Wilder Man Mood Board-Eclectic Trends

Those of you who have followed me for a while, knows that I love creating mood boards. It´s so much fun, and very inspiring! I´m therefore very exited to hear that the trend expert and “queen of mood boards”, Gudy Herder will be the Interiør & Boligmessen in Bergen this fall, talking about trends and mood boarding as technique. The best part is that it´s also possible to sign up for an exclusive workshop Gudy Herder herself (!). It´s for 60 people only, and I know a lot of people have signed up for it already, so if this sounds interesting you should check out the programme and how to sign up here. I´m going for sure!

If you want to read more about Gudy Herder, you can read an interview with her at Interiør & Boligmessen´s blog. There you will find more info about the Interiør & Boligmessen as well.

I hope to see you in Bergen the 21.-23 October : )

Gudy Scanned! Trend-Eclectic Trends 242

Images: Gudy Herder

Sunny Living room

There is something magical about the sun flowing into the house these days, and today I had to capture some of the magic with my camera.

In lack of flowers in our big vase (and no time to buy new ones), I picked some Lady Fern in our garden. Gotta use whatever you have, right?

From above_living room

As for magical scent; I got this Lily of the valley bouquet from my mom a few days ago. Love, love, love this smell!


Images: Nina Holst