Along with June came summer, and the last few days have been amazing! It´s fantastic to finally enjoy the terrace that we spent so much time on building last year. My only terrace-project this summer is to make some pillows for the benches that we made and to buy some more flowers.


The glass railing in the front is now also finally up, and the terrace feels complete.


Images: Nina Holst


As a big Hans J. Wegner fan, I´m happy to tell you that Carl Hansen & Son will mark the reintroduction of the beautiful CH22 lounge chair on 3 June with 
a signed special edition of the organically shaped chair in soap-treated oak. The design was actually the first product of Hans J. Wegner and Carl Hansen & Son’s long-standing collaboration.

If you want this unique and signed special edition Wegner chair, it will only be possible to order it on the official 3 June launch date. The chair will then be engraved with Wegner’s signature and the reissue date and arrive with a certificate of authenticity from Carl Hansen & Son. How cool is that?

Find dealers and prices on Carl Hansen & Son´s website


Images: Carl Hansen & Son


Micro houses are very popular these days, and after seeing the talented stylist Pella Hedeby´s amazing micro house, I wish we had space to build one in our garden too ( unfortunately we don´t have enough space  ). It´s just perfect as workspace and for guests!


Pella´s boyfriend Andreas Backman designed the micro house to fit their house, and I really like how it turned out.


Pella is such a talented interior designer and stylist, and it certainty reflects in her new micro house. She has a great way to add personality and warmth into her spaces.


Having extra space for guests is always a good idea. I love how this loft bedroom turned out. Notice the smart and decorative ladder Pella found at Habitat.


Inspiring, right? You´ll find more photos of this lovely and inspiring micro house over at My Home.


Images: Sara Medina Lind & Pella Hedeby

Clothes rack

For Christmas I was lucky to get a trip to Barcelona with tickets to a Coldplay concert that´s tomorrow. So now I´m all packed and ready to explore this wonderful city ones again. I´m so excited!

I haven´t been in Barcelona for many years though, so if you have any good stores, cafés or restaurants that you think I would like, please tell me all about them. I´ve done some researching on my own, so I already have some nice places that I want to explore, but it´s always nice with recommendations.

Clothing rack with clothes

Images: Nina Holst


Social media is a wonderful thing in so many ways, but one of the things that I love the most is how it connects people near and far. It is fantastic how I over the years have gotten to know people all over the world sharing the same passion for interior design, and even met many on interior design events in Norway and abroad. So even though I knew the power of social media, it was a bit surprising when it got me connected to a fellow entrepreneur and interior design lover who was actually living in the same town as me.


Let me introduce you to Kine Ask Stenersen, the co-founder of the company Ask & Eng, which she has founded together her husband Kristoffer Eng. The story how the two ended up founding this company is actually a bit interesting and it shows how creative they are. It all started when they had to renovate their kitchen, and as many of us, they would like a custom made kitchen but quickly realized that it would become too expensive. But instead of settling for an IKEA kitchen, they decided to fix this themselves. So with four hands, an attention to details and an environmental focus the couple ended up designing and building their own kitchen using the unusual, environmental friendly and fantastic looking material bamboo.

Seeing how great the end result and how fun the process was, the couple wanted to offer kitchens using bamboo to other people as well and then the company Ask & Eng was born. Since then the two have perfected how bamboo can be used in furniture, and have come up with techniques to change the color of the material and also expanded to other furniture as well. For example, a bathroom sink made entirely in bamboo. Pretty cool!


So if you are looking for a kitchen or furniture that has that extraordinary finish, check out what Ask & Eng can do for you. I just love that there are people like them who follow their passion, and end up creating something exceptional.

Ask & Eng also have a very inspiring Instagram account, where you can see beautiful pictures of their home but also from their bamboo projects.


Images: Ask & Eng