Oslo´s most wonderful Advent Calendars!

Yesterday I got an email from Paleet telling me that I won the prize behind door #2 in their Advent Calendar contest on Instagram. What a nice surprise – I never win anything!

You see, Paleet in Oslo has a contest going on where you can win lovely gifts by sharing a photo of your Advent Calendar using Instagram. Each day until the 24th of December Paleet and NIB will choose a winner who can choose a nice gift from Paleet.

So if you have a nice and maybe a bit unique Advent Calender, and you live in Oslo (or in distance to pick up your gift at Paleet in Oslo) – take a picture of it, share it on Instagram and use the hashtag #paleetjul. Next time it might be you that win a lovely gift!

Read more about their contest here.

(This contest is a collaboration with Paalet.)

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