New feature on Stylizimo: Trendz

As I promised you on Friday I have a little surprise for you. I have the last couple of months been working on a new feature on Stylizimo that I hope you all will enjoy and find useful. As the interior loving person that I am, I´m always looking for hot design news and inspiring blogs from around the world and I find so much good blog posts out there in my search that I feel deserve more publicity than they get. I have therefore been wanting to create a news site that highlights the most interesting and inspiring blog posts, and in addition integrates with the social elements found here on Stylizimo.

So with this in mind I am happy to introduce to you Stylizimo Trendz.

This new feature gathers content from design blogs from around the world and by using a little bit of magic it presents the most useful and inspiring blog posts. You can also keep up to date with your favorite blogs by following them or discover new ones by seeing what your friends are reading. Lastly, we have made it possible for you to save posts you find interesting so you never again forget were you read about that lovely DIY project or that drop dead beautiful living room.

We published the functionality this weekend, but there are most certainly still a few bugs laying around. So please go ahead and play with it but don´t be surprised if it gives you an error message all of a sudden *smile*. Also, since we are testing we have just added a few blogs so far. Therefore, don´t be alarmed if your design blog is not there (yet).

I hope you will enjoy this feature and please let me know what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts so we can make sure this becomes a tool you will find useful.

PS. I know I also promised you that you would find me in the newspapers this Saturday, but it turns out that it is actually next Saturday. I´m sorry about that.

9 thoughts on “New feature on Stylizimo: Trendz

  1. Elisa

    What a fab addition to Stylizimo!!!!! I’ll have to go and check it out asap. Want to get my blog in there. :D Thanks again!!


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