{ My new home office }

It´s time to invite you into my new home office, and since it´s a new office it also has a new look. My last home office had a touch of purple and I loved the way that it looked, but I needed a change so this time I have decorated it in black and white with hints of wood…

I have painted the floor and the walls crispy white, because I wanted a room with lots of light.
The white desk is one of my latest DIY, and I made it using the same method as the dining table I made for our apartment. But this time I painted it in white using a cloth instead of a brush so I can see the wood through the paint. The legs are from Ikea.

For storage I use some of my old wooden crates. They work great as shelves, and I like how the wood softens the black & white room.
Over the shelves I´ve made a little moodboard/inspiration board so I can get inspired when I work. I attached the pictures etc. with pins, a wire and different kinds of tape. This way it is easy to change the look of it. 

(The black lamp is from my fiancés grandparents – I love the retro look it has!)

If you like to see some of the other home offices I´ve had, you can see them here (including 10 tips for your home office!), here, here and here.

I have uploaded a lot of pictures of my new home office on Stylizimo.com, if you like to see more and where everything is from.

I wish you an inspiring day!

(Images: Nina Holst)

56 thoughts on “{ My new home office }

  1. 17doors

    OMG! So nice, now I want to stay at home and redo my homeoffice instead of going on vacation..
    Thanks for great inspiration, once again.


    Ha ha! I´m glad you like it, but I hope that you go on your vacation :) Your home office will wait for you!! LOL

    Thanks for your sweet feedback, dear ladies <3


  3. Samantha

    I looks lovely I particularly like how the create soften the look, black and white can be a bit hard and cold, but they add warmth to the scheme.


  4. Iro {Ivy style33}

    Nina, I so ADORE what you’ve done to very last detail!
    Enjoy dear & thank’s so much for all thigs wonderful you’ve said on my blog.
    You are such as amazing inspiration yourself!

    Have a lovely Sunday, Iro xx

  5. Sanne


    your style is perfect !!!!
    Love it very much , think I have to change some things here AT ONCE ::)))))

    Have a nice sunday,

  6. Lara

    Wow! It sure is GORGEOUS!!! :)
    I absolutely adore how you’ve stacked up the crates to hold your stuff! Stunning with the white floor!


  7. Signe

    Så utrolig flott du har fått det på kontoret ditt og det er overaskende friskt til kun å være sort/hvitt :)


  8. vosges paris

    Love the new look… and if you have seen my latest new office in black and white post you’ll understand I feel very at home in yours ;)

    Enjoy your new work space!

  9. Vivian

    Ja her var det kjempefint!!
    Du er flink til å få ting til å harmonere. Dette var et herlig sted å være kreativ på. ♥

    Klem Vivian


    FANTASTISK rett og slett! Som alltid med interiør du tar i :)
    Tredje gang jeg ser på dette innlegget i dag hi, hi. 2 ganger på mobin og nå på pc :)
    Du inspirerer!
    Klem May Helen

  11. Jenny

    Love your new office. I am jealous over those IKEA trestle legs. I have just blogged about them as we can no longer get them in IKEA Australia. Love also the combination with the wood, adds a bit of warmth. Enjoy! ;-)

  12. Helene

    Hej Nina,
    Det ser fantastisk ud! Skal faktisk igang med eget home office i dag og nu er jeg total inspireret. Tak! Hvilke materialer har du brugt til at lave din moodboard tavle?

  13. thediplomaticwife

    Nina I am amazed at how you do these thing so quickly! I am currently doing my home office (have been for the past few months) and every time I try organizing stuff, it gets more messy. I just don’t know how you do it! It doesn’t help that I have more office supplies (complete with laminator) than some offices! Where do you store all your DIY stuff?


    thediplomaticwife: Well, I actually don´t have that much stuff, but I put most of my DIY stuff in pretty boxes and baskets. I do wish I had a drawer or a cabinet in addition to what you see in my office now, because I need more place to store my things. Some of it are in the basement right now.
    I hope you figure something out, dear!

    Than you for your friendly comment :)
    xo, Nina

  15. thediplomaticwife

    Thanks for taking the time out to respond Nina! Yes a basement would come in handy for me! But The Diplomat and I are condo loving people so I’ve to make everything fit in my tiny home office/guest room. I do need pretty boxes and baskets! Thanks for inspiring me with your photos and posts!

  16. Arianna

    wow absolutely stunning! the crate storage is to die for! As always you are a true inspiration! I am currently looking for ideas in doing up my studio! this will help with a few ideas ;)

  17. Petie

    I love all your offices. What do you do with the things you are no longer using? Do you store them? Donate? or trash? Just curious, I never know if I should store it, or just get rid of it. Love your blog and your design work. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Trude

    Du har alltid så nydelige bilder av nydelige rom. Fikk veldig lyst til å pusse opp “the Studio room”, som mannen min kaller det. Det har potensiale, men det er bare å få ut fingeren…

  19. Krystal {Blue Ribbon}

    I really LOVE all your versions of your home office!! My husband and I just merged into one office, and it’s driving me crazy!! So much stuff!! I wish I had time to organize everything in it (and paint a bookshelf!)

  20. mydeco

    What a great office space, bright, clean and fresh! Like the rustic feel of the storage boxes too definitely inspired me to create a similar looking room using mydeco’s 3D room planner thanks for this!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Hei Nina!

    Elsker bloggen din! Jeg kjenner Kristin far Hadeland som viste meg bloggen, og så kjenner jeg Steinar fra Aus, men deg har jeg aldri møtt da:-) Nå skal jeg igang med å pusse opp vårt nye hus! Så leter jeg etter sånne plexi transparent stoler, nesten sånn som på ditt bilde. Kan jeg spørre hvor du har kjøpt denne?:-)

    Fra Susanne


    Tusen takk for hyggelig hilsen Susanne. Du får bli med Kristin på besøk en gang :)
    Gøy at du har funnet veien hit for litt inspirasjon til det nye huset deres. Gratulerer så mye med nytt hjem forresten – det er alltid stas.

    Stolene er kjøpt i USA og er en Louis Ghost stol fra Kartell. De selger nok disse på House of Oslo vil jeg tro. Jeg har også sett at de har etterligninger på bla. “Living”: http://www.living.no/newsread/products/Detail_1.aspx?id=2945

    Veldig tøffe stoler!

    Lykke til med oppussingen og innredningen :)
    klem fra Nina

  23. Anonymous

    Tusen takk for utfyldende svar kjære deg! Da skal jeg sjekke det ut.

    Ha en fin sommer!

  24. Cheap Insulation

    The room color is very light and refreshing. Since, it’s also a working area it must be conducive to working. How lovely it is to work in that kind of place.

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