Black it is!

Typically me is to do something totally different than I´m suppose to do! When I have hundred things on my to do list, I usually do something else that is much more fun…. Like painting!
For those of you that follow me on Instagram (stylizimoblog) have seen that I´m painting a white wall black today. I had no idea that it would make the room look bigger, and I love the contrast as well as the dramatic dramatic look the room gets.
So now I´m walking around looking for more walls to paint *smile*

//Images: Jotun //

14 thoughts on “Black it is!

  1. Igor Josifovic

    This is really exciting. I never thought of a black wall apart from a chalkboard paint wall. I always wanted to paint a feature wall in anthracite cause I have a great art piece by the illustrator Olaf Hajek with very vibrant colours and though it would pop nicely on a dark wall…I am curious to see your outcome!!

  2. Yna

    This looks really great. I would never dare to paint a wall black, but it would be worth a try. Great, the combination with a small bit of wood.

  3. Katja

    stunning, actually. I thought this would be too caving in, but I actually like it… not that I’d change my white walls to anything..


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