Bedroom makeover

Last week I showed you 4 different nightstand ideas in our bedroom, since I think finding a nice nightstand can be difficult myself, I wanted to share some ideas. It was fun to hear your thoughts and hearing about your favorite of the four. It seems like most of you liked the wooden stool best, since it added warmth to the black and white room.

I used to have the wooden stool as my nightstand, but it became a bit impractical with no storage, so this is the look we have in our bedroom now.

Pretty boxes from HAY is bought at Hviit and are perfect for extra storage for jewellery etc.

The brass mirror is one of many good finds at the goodwill store “Fretex” – it was love at first sight!
On the nightstand I have a few brown details to add some warmth to the room. The brown vase is also from Fretex and the cute bird and the lovely cross blanket is from Story North.

How does your bedroom look like? Maybe you want to share it with us on I would love to see it and get some inspiration. You can use the Keep It – button to easily grab pictures from your blog if you have one. Done in a few! *smile*

//Images: Nina Holst //

35 thoughts on “Bedroom makeover

  1. Maria

    I absolutely love it Nina! I am attacking our bedroom next for a make over and planning on painting and using wallpaper (just need to find the right one!). Still looking for the perfect night stands! Much love from Sydney xx

  2. Precious Home

    Kjempelekkert! Fikk lyst på svart vegg jeg også, men har sånn “hersens” skråtak…(plager meg veldig!;)
    Kjempelekre detaljer! MÅ ta meg en tur inn på Stylizimo og se på mer inspirasjon!

    Ha en fin kveld!

  3. Eva Costantini

    I think you made a good job!!!. Your bedroom is very cute. The white parquet makes a wonderful contrats with the grey wall. I love the bedside table and the cross blanket!!!.
    Greetings,Eva of Fancy Windows

  4. Yelle

    Love all of this! I am such a sucker for black walls but I have never had the guts to do it. What made you decide to paint it black? And it looks quite matte, which I love, what made you pick matte over glossy paint?


      Thank you, Yelle.
      I wanted to have a contrast to all the white in my house and I think matte black is very beautiful and elegant. I love the result, and haven´t regret it at all :)You should try!


  5. Anonymous

    I love your room! Where did you get that fabulous cover on your bed. Totally diggin the black and white.

  6. isabel

    Amazing bedroom I love so much the white nightstand. I’ve seen it recently but I can´t remember the name. Do you know where I can find it?? Thank you so much :)

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