A chic office space

I love a nice workspace, and when I saw this beautifully styled office, I could feel my heart started beating faster. Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse certainly know how to create a lovely environment.

If you like the black DIY shelf to the right, you can see how to make it here
I think I have to build one myself – I really love it!

Do you like it? What do you like about it?

//Images: Kristofer Johnsson /styling by Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse//

19 thoughts on “A chic office space

  1. Fröken Gredelin

    I think it looks nice, but not very original. It looks exactly like it could be in the next number of Elle inspiration or Plaza interiör…The lamp hanging over the table, the black and white colours, the pantone cup, P.a.p bag, etc. I wouldn´t say no to having this at home, but I´m actually a little tired of everything beeing the same style. Want to be suprised:)

  2. Therese Knutsen

    Vi har faktisk nesten helt likt innlegg i dag! Nesten skummelt;)
    Ser ut til at du har hatt det fantastisk i Amsterdam,vil så gjerne dit nå til våren når vi får direktefly fra Ålesund. Hotelltips??


  3. Sara Morais

    I like it! Especially because I’m in the middle of an inspirational process to build my own home office and this one in particular is so me…

  4. Anonymous

    Super fint och underbar hylla! Har redan sneglat på den tidigare, kanske även jag måste bygga mig en…

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  6. Md. Rokonuzzaman

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