Valentines day is only a few days away and I thought some Valentine inspiration wouldn’t hurt. I have picked out 11 gift ideas that I found truly adorable – something meaningful.
I obviously like all the ideas since I picked them out, but I have to say that I really adore the pictures with the small folded hearts and the cute tags in the first row. It shouldn’t be that hard to make these ourselves, right?
I´m actually a grass widow these days so I have no Valentines day plans. 
What do YOU usually do on Valentines day?

13 thoughts on “11 VALENTINE IDEAS

  1. aroundmytable

    Hi Nina, adorable Valentines ideas! I especially like the 1,3 picture with the red & white heart cushions :) Not really celebrating this day except for the kids, cupcakes & cards and hearts everywhere.

  2. Nina B.

    Vi har egentlig ikke noe Valentine-tradisjon (kun de årene vi bodde i UK, da måtte en liksom nesten ;)). Men er enig i at de bildene med bretta hjerter er nydelige. Spesielt det i hvit ramme ♥

  3. Signe 1

    superfina bilder som vanligt här inne:-) vi firar bröllopsdag 2 dagarn innan alla hjärtans dag, så den dagen är inte lika viktig för oss längre;-) kram kram s

  4. Eli

    Så fine gaver :) Må si jeg hadde blitt glad om jeg hadde vært heldig å fått noe av det :) Aner ikke hva jeg skal finne på til valentines day :S Aner ikke hva jeg skal gi i gave heller :S Hmmm.. Fikk roser i fjor <3

  5. April Ann Johnson

    These are nice and unique ideas. I like the frame with small folded hearts, it looks very cute and sweet. It will also serve as a great decor to hang in a living room.

  6. Anonymous

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